4 Brilliant Tips to Find a Purpose in Life

4 Brilliant Tips to Find a Purpose in Life

There are many distinct types of individuals in our world and they do not how to find a purpose in life and live it with true happiness. The great thing is that everyone of us has a unique mission in life that we are meant to fulfill. It is critical to find out and discover our live purpose.

This is the secret to great pleasure and happiness. It does not matter you are rich and making a lot of money or the position that you have in your job; It will not satisfy you unless it is your purpose in life.

Many people believe that money is the key to happiness, but this is not true! Money can cause a lot more problem in your personal life. Finding your purpose or mission in life is the ultimate secret to achieving true happiness and fulfillment.

If you do not want to know your life purpose, you will not live a life with true happiness. Something inside you will always tell you that you miss something. The empty place inside you will get wider and greater until you learn what your ultimate goal in life is.

It is okey to ensure and being unclear about your true purpose in life. With so many various kinds of occupations and life paths to choose from, it can be tough to figure out what your ultimate purpose is.

To determine your purposeful life need a time and huge effort, but when you realize what is your purpose in life, your life will change positively.

Here are the top topics to cover: how to find a purpose in life

  1. Basics of Purposeful livings
  2. What do you think your true calling is?
  3. Listen Your Intuition
  4. Help Others
  5. Are You Putting Your Beliefs Into Practice?
  6. Discover Your Talent
Basics of Purposeful livings

Basics of Purposeful Livings

Are you someone who wake up in the morning with happy mood and happy life with no regrets, or are you someone who feel deep inside that something is missing and can not find it out what it is? If you fall into the latter category, it’s most likely because you haven’t yet identified your real purpose in life.

In order to fulfill your happiness you need to find out the real purpose to live the life that you want. Those who live a life without purposeful meaning, they live with wanders and emptiness deep inside themselves through a life.

They will also struggle to stay motivated and even they achieve to many goals, deep inside they will feel emptiness. All negative consequences of not discovering your life’s purpose can be harmful to your emotional health.

If you haven’t found your life’s purpose yet, don’t be afraid; there are many other people who are in the same boat as you. The real reason behind it, the life that will living so fast. It seems that we spend less and less on yourself.

In today is world you find out herself in circle of a life. Going to a job you hate, doing the tasks that boss says, paying the bills and so on. Everything become so monotony.

The first step of finding your purpose in life is to spend a time with yourself, no matter how hard it is in today`s world but do it. You will see how good you will feel.

It is important to know that finding your purpose in life need some sacrifices. It may seem that it pointless in short term, but in a long run you will find the true happiness.

No matter how rich you are or other materialistic things can provide you a true happiness that you will receive after you find a purpose in life. After you find a purpose in life, you will not need any money or other things to be happy.

There are a few things you need to do in order to find a purpose in life. As I said before, spend a time with yourself so that no one will disturb you.

If you want to interact with the inner-you and obtain feedback on what your purpose is, you’ll need to locate a peaceful place and clear your mind of any interruptions. Remember that you might not get a response straight away, and your response might not be as clear as you’d like.

Be patient, and look at the universe, see the clues. The clues will help you to understand it.

Another thing to find a purpose in life is to get out from your safety circle of people. Many people create a circle of reliable people to protect themselves from difficulties in a life.

The problem of that bubble is it keeps more positivity and good thing rather than bad. Putting yourself in a bubble encourages you to slip into a habit and prevents you from exploring and discovering what your life’s purpose is.

Also, The bubble circle force you to live a life that you eventually do not happy. Stay on comfort zone never let you to find a purpose in life, only venture and discoveries of yourself can make you live a happy life.

The first step out from safety bubble can make you feel uncomfortable, it is okey to feel so, because you will experience something new in your life.

Keep in mind, a small step is a huge progress. No one will expect from you to change a life in a one single day, even if you can, it is the worst idea to do. It will take a time to find a purpose in life, but the first step is to break out from your safety bubble.

Meet with other people, try new activities, and learn more about yourself. There are plenty of things that you can interested in or good at. So, get out of your safety bubble and start living!

What Do you Think your True Calling is

What Do you Think your True Calling is?

If you want to have a true happiness in your life, you do not need to have a lot of money or be a well-known person in the world. You have to figure out what your actual calling is in your life.

Some people may understand it easily, others may not. Those who does not find their true calling feels incomplete. Do not forget your life is a valuable thing and you should waste it.

So, you have to find out what your true calling is, for yourself and for the universe. True calling is a part of our life. Whether you realize it or not, everything you do has an immediate influence on the rest of the world. It calls as a ripple effect.

The first ripple can be small at the first view, but as you go out it will grow and grow. The same may be said about your behaviors and the things you decide to accomplish with your life.

If you refuse to go out and discover your true calling, you will not be able to accomplish your life`s purpose.

Top 6 Tips to Discover your True Calling

  1. Keep Your Focus on the Now
  2. Attempt New Things
  3. Challenge Yourself
  4. Get Rid of Your Existing Life Plan
  5. Create Your Own Reality
  6. Speak to Those Who Will Hear You

Keep Your Focus on the Now

It’s critical to maintain your mind in the present when attempting to find a purpose in life and true calling. Don’t think about the future. Every single step that we do will have an impact on our future, which is why focusing on present is important.

Attempt New Things

As I said before you have to leave you “safety bubble”. The comfort zone will not let you learn or experience new thing in your life. The thing is you will never find a purpose in a life or true calling if you will not try new opportunities.

Try new thing as many as you want it. Even if the thing that you will not like at the beginning, try it, because you will never know until you try.

Challenge Yourself

Keep challenging yourself all the time. I do not think that you purpose in life is to work at the desk and doing the same monotonous work. Some people, on the other hand, may need to work as they search for their true calling.

For these folks, it’s critical that you keep challenging yourself and your spare time to find a purpose in life.

Get Rid of Your Existing Life Plan

The life that you create for yourself is not suitable for you, if you are trying to find a purpose in life. You may what to live a life as it is with all obstacles and experience all the problems through your life.   

Create Your Own Reality

Learn How to create your dreams and live it. Do not be jealous about others` life and desire to live like others. You have to determine your true desire and goals in life. What I mean is; What you want from your life? And What your life do you want to be?

Stop dreaming about others` life and create your own.

Speak to Those Who Will Hear You

Share your dreams and ambitions with people you can trust and listen to you. Also, trying to communicate with people who provide genuine input and suggestions, rather than those that merely agree with what you’re saying or respond with a single word.

Other people, particularly the elderly, may provide invaluable insight, therefore it’s a good idea to seek their guidance on finding your life’s calling. They could recognize skills you don’t even realize you have.

Listen Your Intuition

Listen Your Intuition

Throughout your day, your intuition tries to speak with you and provide you direction. The main issue is that many individuals refuse to trust their instincts. Remember that intuition is the sensation of your body, not your voice.

I`m sure that most of us be in the situation where our intuition tells us not to do but we refuse to listen and then suffer from consequences.

The intuition leads us though the life and helps us to be on track toward discovering your destiny or mission. That is why learning and listening your intuition is important lesson for you to keep in mind.

Some people are too lucky that they find a purpose in life within their profession, others will have to find true calling outside from career. If they want to accomplish life`s purpose, they need to listen their intuition while making a decision.

One common intuition sing is feeling of butterfly and nauseous in stomach. This sign of intuition try to tell you that you should be aware of something. For instance, if those feeling you feel during the negotiation, It means that there is something that you need to pay attention to.

Don’t be one of those persons that chooses to ignore their gut instincts in life. Learn to trust your intuition and pay attention to the signals it provides you because they will point you in the correct route to discovering your real purpose.

Help Others

Help Others

It is critical to learn how to look after people. Many individuals struggle to comprehend that there are persons in the world who are more important than themselves. Most of those people do not their true calling and they will life without discovering it.

This is because of selfishness froze their heart and lead their path of happiness.

Most of people don’t realize is that your true calling will always be centered around helping others in some form. In order to find a purpose in life you have to help other people.

The life`s purposes are designed to improve the world, which is why a person would feel so unhappy or inadequate if they do not identify and follow their true calling.

Helping people or community can help you to get rid of selfishness. There are several methods to help others, many of which do not need financial contributions. Keep in mind that there is always be someone who is worse than you, always be grateful for what you have.

Volunteering at food kitchen for homeless people can be great idea for you. These organizations are constantly looking for volunteers and will gladly accept your help. You can go there and communicate with volunteers and ask how they feel about it.

They will probably say something positive that you at first view will not truly understand but it will change you too.

Many of them find a purpose in life through those communities. They learn how to care about others.

You will be astonished by the amount of excitement and satisfaction you feel when you find a purpose in life; this is an amazing feeling but if you do not try, you will never know.

Are You Putting Your Beliefs Into Practice

Are You Putting Your Beliefs Into Practice?

Most of people have strong belief which is good for finding purpose in a life and live life of happiness. Strong Belief helps us to produce a sense of passion which is good thing. Passion is the most important thing to have in order to find a purpose in life.

Be careful about your passion and what your belief. Take note of all you’ve learned thus far. Now, you want think about occupation where you can express your passion within your beliefs. Now it is your dream job or for some people a purpose in life.

You’ll note that this isn’t a job where you have to go to work every day. You will wake up with a smile in your face because you find a purpose in life, and you know what to do.

Your work need to be related to your beliefs if you want to feel that you find a purpose in life. Doing something every day that goes against your principles can certainly lead to you moving away from your true calling and living a life with no purpose or passion.

Discover Your Talent 4 Brilliant Tips to Find a Purpose in Life

Discover Your Talent

Discovering all yourself as well as your talents is a long-run process. YES, it will take a time but It is very important to know yourself, your talents, in which area you good at in order to add a value to purpose of a life.

In order to live a life with purpose you have to be happy by doing the things that you love to do every single day. Make sure that your happiness come from the things that you to with a pleasure.

It does not mean that you should stop challenging yourself to new things but you have to know yourself and be realistic while setting your goals.

Each person has a special talents and skills and each person has unique true calling in life. In fact, your talent and your true calling are connected to each other.

Don’t let your abilities go to waste by being ignored. Not using your abilities may lead to a variety of negative outcomes, the worst of which is never understanding and completing your life’s purpose.

The thing is, why does it look natural? Because it is your talent, which you are good at, and it relates to you only when you can find true happiness by doing it.  By discovering your talent you can find a purpose in life.

Sometimes it is hard to the thing openly, but if you look at everything in different point of view, you will see how your talent can lead you to true calling in your life.

It’s critical to remember that your life’s mission may demand you to perform something you’re not very excellent at right now. That’s fine since any talent can be mastered with good effort.

If you ask any expert, they will tell you that with a huge effort and a lot of practice, they have become the best in their field. Now they are living their true calling in life with true happiness.


Finding a purpose in life it is not one night job. It is important to not give up to search for it. Your true calling is out there, waiting for you, and you have to find it.

Keep searching for it, go meet with new people, search for something new and at the end you will find a purpose in life.

When you find your purpose in life you will be sure that it belongs to you only. Your body will immediately feel relief and happiness.

When you find your true calling, you will start to live with it. Be sure, it will change your life, you start to get pleasure and true happiness from life. Without purpose in your life you can fill the emptiness inside yourself.

As days pass, the emptiness will start to eat you and you will never be satisfied.

Find a purpose in life, fill the emptiness inside you and live a live with true happiness!