6 Simple Ways to Traffic Solution

6 Simple Ways to Traffic Solution

When I first started online, one thing I immediately understood was that if I wanted to make money, I needed to find traffic solution to my websites.

At the beginning, I was duped by paid traffic schemes that promised a large amount of traffic! None of those tactics produced any results; the ‘hits’ were almost certainly programmed or from untargeted visitors who would never produce meaningful results.

So I used Pay Per Click traffic through Google AdWords. But It gives me more stress because you have to set up a campaign, right keywords, track result and so on.

I never make profit out of it even I spent more than 50 cents a click for keywords. After losing to much money and time I stop to pay extra for traffic solution.

After that, I tried in SEO. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming level of competition, there is no simple method to tackle SEO.

Plus, I’ve heard horror tales of people who spend years refining an SEO strategy that begins to provide results, but Google’s algorithm change and their visitors vanish overnight.

The difficulty with both sponsored and organic search engine traffic is that it might vanish overnight. You’ll understand what I’m talking about if you recall the famous Google slap a few years ago, which effectively drove thousands of businesses out of business overnight by making PPC keywords too costly to bid on.

Then there were the famous penguin and panda upgrades, which saw low-quality websites completely disappear from search results. While this isn’t always a negative thing if you deliver high-quality content, it has resulted in the closure of hundreds of business.

I don’t have to be concerned about what the all-powerful Google does; However, Google could shut down tomorrow and the quantity of traffic I receive would be hardly affected.

That’s because I’ve learnt a lot of traffic solution techniques that send thousands of people to my websites every day, and the most of them not from Google.

In fact, after you’ve learned my tried-and-true traffic solution strategies, you’ll be light years ahead of web newbies looking to purchase their way to true success.

6 Simple Ways to Traffic Solution:
Reason #1
  • Website Will not Bring you Traffic
  • Role of Website
  • How Search Engines Discover Websites
  • Paid Traffic vs Free Traffic
  • Traffic Generation Strategy
Reason #4
  • Email Marketing
  • Real Email Marketing vs SPAM
  • Lists Building
  • Autoresponder
  • Newsletters
Reason #2
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Content
  • Keywords Strategy
  • Content Management System
  • Blog Website
  • Article Directory Marketing
  • Press
  • Link Building
Reason #5
  • Traffic Monster
  • Audio and Video Content
  • Host your Content
  • Pictures
  • Unique Content
  • Different Types of Multimedia
  • Viral Pages
Reason #3
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedln
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Forums
Reason #6
  • Great Ideas
  • Banner Ads
  • Link Exchange
  • Text Links
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Free Stuff
  • Mobile Advertisement
Reason #1
Website Will not Brign you Traffic

Website will not Bring you Traffic

“A good website will bring me a traffic?” as everyone think so. Imaging you invest a lot of money on website with ( a lot of animation, artworks, plenty of photographs) and no on visit your website. It will dissatisfy you to stop effort on online marketing.

It’s crucial to note that creating a website is only “step one.” Creating amazing content is “step two,” and then there are the rest of the processes, which many website owners overlook.

The creation of a website is only the beginning of a comprehensive content development, community engagement, and link-building strategy.

Role of Website

A prevalent misperception is that a website is similar to a physical business located directly in front of a crowded highway. If you install a McDonald’s in front of an highway, you’ll almost certainly receive some foot traffic since everyone will notice the development.

However, it is not the same with website, unless you buy “elonmusk.com” domain.

Instead, websites must be “found,” and there are just a few free options for doing so. Moreover, the website is not the all-encompassing answer that web hosting firms and marketers portray it to be. A company website is simply one of several internet business apps available.

How Search Engines Discover Websites 6 Simple Ways to Traffic Solution

How Search Engines Discover Websites

To learn how a website discovered on Searching Engine is helpful to you to generate free traffic solution. Here is the thing, a webmaster tool “inform” to searching engine that there is a new content to “crawl” and “index”.

Then, searching engine unique algorithm crawl a new content to rank on Search Engine Result Pages based upon users keyword requests.

However, here is the main question: How to get attention of searching engine to our new content?

For a new website, the greatest way to get URL notified is to submit to a search engine “Suggest” page. But, there are too many website and it is hard to take into consideration all of them. Now, companies  find another way to notify search engine crawlers by “pinging” it.

It’s important to remember that “pinged” search engine sites doesn’t imply you’ll get special treatment. While other the most popular site have a privilege of practical “live” search result, other , less popular or new website crawled and indexed periodically.

In fact, if your optimization tactics aren’t up to now, you may end yourself on the list… However, your ranking is so low that you might as well not be featured at all. This frequently occurs when you ignore recommendations for good “optimization” procedures.

Top 4 Proper Optimization Techniques:

  1. Proper Page Title
  2. Proper Meta Tags and Descriptions
  3. Keyword Friendly Domain
  4. Updated on Regular Basis

You should also keep in mind that certain search engines tailor their own SERPs. As a result, Yahoo is powered by Bing, the results may differ. Yahoo clearly favors websites that pay the Yahoo business listing fee and connect to several subcategories inside the Yahoo URL universe.

Many search engines use Google’s technology but personalize search results depending on algorithm “tweaks” and human editors’ opinions.

When a search engine application ranks your website for various domains, it considers a variety of variables, including content-centric causes, keyword usage, local interests that’s you may offend the search engines unknowingly, and they will punish you.

Paid Traffic vs Free Traffic 6 Simple Ways to Traffic Solution

Paid Traffic vs Free Traffic

Paid guaranteed traffic is a complete scam. Statistics suggest that forcing consumers to visit your website (like URL hijacking, malware installs, pop-up advertisements, and etc.) will result in them being uninterested in what you have to offer. Unfortunately, most bought traffic sites provide you with this.

You may also use the commercial traffic solution method and promote your website through local signs, TV/movie advertising, radio spots, banner ads on major search engines. The true is, you’ll receive guaranteed views…but there’s no way of knowing if you’ll connect with your target demographic.

Text-related content (or SEO, to use a more basic word) is the ideal technique to sell your website since it allows for customized advertising. You interact with customers who have an interest in your products or services. This is a statistical no-brainer. You’re speaking straight to your ideal audience. Now it’s all about the presentation.

Traffic Generation Strategy

However, before you begin experimenting with these methods, you must first develop an efficient traffic solution plan. Call it a mini-business strategy that focuses just on your internet marketing strategies.

You won’t know how successful your marketing is until you have a traffic solution plan… You won’t be able to calculate the ROI (Return On Investment) for all of your efforts.

You must first design a complete plan and then track your progress with an operational business strategy. You’ll be able to select your next line of action based on the results.

You want a comprehensive web marketing strategy that will promote your website through varied content creation and link building.

In the end, the Internet is nothing more than a collection of interconnected links. There are a lot of internal pages on your site that allow readers and search robots to discover all of the pages.

More connections are formed when your website links to some other website via an external link, making it simpler for visitors to find you through this enormous collection of links. It’s essentially a digital version of the “friend of a friend of a friend” situation.

Top 4 Steps to Traffic Generation Plan:

  1. Make a list of precise, attainable goals based on your online success. (like: Number of links, Target Keywords, traffic solution and etc.)
  2. Create a system for measuring your investment in terms of time and any costs you incur, as well as comparing profit and loss to see if you are creating cash flow.
  3. Install analytics software on your website, either by entering code into each page separately or by installing a program. Make a list of trends and discuss them with your management team. Most web providers provide free site analytics, however Google has their own.
  4. Make adjustments to your website and look for favorable trends to capitalize on when you’re ready to start the campaign.
Reason #2
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Without SEO your website more like to be shop in the desert. Until the visitors start to speak you, your site will not mean something.

The basic foundation of SEO theory is that you have to reach your target audience. You can use traditional method like posting banner ad, but you’ll be missing out on one of SEO’s biggest features: targeted audience advertising.

Targeted audience advertising implies that you make the most of your time and money by only selling to people who have shown a significant interest in the things you sell. The only genuine approach to reach targeted visitors is to use a search engine (Google, Yahoo, or Bing).

Your audience is targeted or qualified based on the keywords you choose. A web crawler application is used by each search engine business to crawl the web for new content.

As fresh new content is discovered, the search engine will “index” each of the pages identified, preserving the information in a vast database.

It’s critical to realize that search engine can not locate you unless you have links. As a result, link-building and correctly designed HTML pages are equally as crucial as fresh content creation.

The reader will search for particular keywords or phrases on searching engine and based on request the search engine will bring back SERPS (Search Engine Results pages).

What is the ranking factors of a website? this is a difficult subject, as most of the big search engines are making it unclear about what criteria their “algorithms” take into account.

However, here is the main point that all of them agree is high-quality content. That takes us to the first aspect of SEO marketing success.

website content

Website Content

Creating outstanding content is the best approach to get discovered by search engines and reach your target audience. You’re undoubtedly already aware of the distinction between high-quality content and “fluff.”

Top 5 High-Quality Content Tips:

  1. Professional (Grammarly Correct)
  2. Readable (Organized Content)
  3. Informative (Provide Valuable Information)
  4. Entertaining (Provide Pictures, Video etc.)
  5. Unique (Not Copy of Another Article)

When a content provide valuable information it keeps visitors to engage with your article. No matter how many “Panda” or “Penguin” algorithm updated or provide by webmaster.

Most of the content are penalized bu search engine because of the low-quality content. So, it is important to keep in mind that algorithm tweaks can detect poor content in article or posts.

Low-quality content soon or later lose it value on internet. Then, visitors can not find it because search engine stop ranking it.

So, What exactly is low-quality content? 

Top 4 low-quality content:

  1. Words in Sentences with no Space
  2. Grammer and Spelling mistakes
  3. Hyperbole and Sales Type Writing
  4. No Expert Knowledge

Here is the common writing problem: firstly you have to decide to whom and what purpose you are writing. Companies which do no care about traffic solution, play games with “robots” (keywords web crawlers) rather than providing interesting and informative content.

So take a decision, Do you want to provide valuable information? Or Is the content that you are paying for?

Keywords Strategy 6 Simple Ways to Traffic Solution

Keywords Strategy

Do not waste your time for producing more content, you should focus on target niche keywords or keyword phrases. It does not matter how good your content is, if you do not plan your target keywords, you will not be able to reach your target audience.

Spend time for searching keywords and keyword phrases on Google Keyword Research Tool or any other tool which helps you to analyze keywords.

Here is the best 8 factors of keywords research:

  1. Identify number of visitors search for particular keywords
  2. Identify viewing number of chosen keywords with your competitors
  3. Choose low-competition keywords
  4. Choose high-search keywords
  5. Make survey of targeted market segment
  6. Make research of synonyms keywords of your target niche
  7. Prefer to choose long tail keywords

You may start creating content once you’ve determined the most crucial keywords for your campaign. This methods is the best fit to your content rather than putting random phrases at the last minute. Search engine pay more attention on “naturally” written articles.

Keep in your mind while determining keyword density in content. In the past, keyword density was %5 or higher and it was okey for search engine. Also, it was useful to manipulate with algorithm and gain popularity of site in short period.

Time is change, with a new algorithm adjustment, it considers as punishment to “over-optimize” site.

In fact, high quality content does no need “keyword density”. The quality content structure based on natural repetition of words and phrases. This was the last update of algorithm, if your web pages not indexing check your keywords density.

The newest updates bring correction to algorithm, and penalize website with too much keywords repetition. The ideal keywords density is below %1, so do not over do it.

Content Management System

Content Management System

It hardly to keep up consistency in all pages. Broken links, inadequately structured material, poorly created HTML and even complicated canonicalization difficulties can all be found in any page. It was unquestionably a headache…Many companies pay lot of money to webmaster to take care of it.

Everything has changed! With a development of technology such as CMS (Content Management System) building a website becomes so easy. Website builder such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal develop new tool which is called “WYSIWYG” technology.

With CMS, you can standardize and customize your website template, add and change style without any help.

Besides all the feature of CMS, it help to deal with traffic solution which is crucial to a blogger or writer.

Top 6 WordPress site advantages for traffic solution:

  1. Page Title, Highlight Subtitles, Post Title
  2. Canonicalization and link Building
  3. Integration site and pages
  4. Mobile Friendly Website
  5. Plugins for Search Engine Integration

Finally, due of the site’s general popularity and link popularity, choosing WordPress to create an official site or a blog site might help you. Both of these elements have a role in achieving high SERPs.

You can use CMS to create, edit and publish new content for FREE and EASY.

Blog Website 6 Simple Ways to Traffic Solution

Blog Website

In fact, companies sponsored article or post that have conversion rate, high quality and traffic etc. So, you can make extra income from high quality blog site.

There are some website create subdomain inside site to launch blog like Blogger.com. Having external blog site can assist you in gaining high-quality links….Creating subdomain inside domain will help you to leverage your domain, which also very important aspect.

When you start writing a blog with a main goal of increasing traffic, do not forget to tag your blogs. Not only for mainstream traffic but also for targeted audience traffic.

They may come on your site by accident and bookmark it, returning to check for new content. They may also set up automatic receiver as soon as new information is published using an RSS feed.

If your writing random things in your blog with no structure in it. You will never have a large targeted audience. Focus on one topic within subtopics of main theme, narrow down your subject of talking. Then you will build niche traffic with your visitors and start building close relationship.

Those maybe tiny, or big steps help you to create strong relationship with your targeted audience and blog as legitimate source to rely.

The phrase “blog hopping” refers to the process of forming a group of “fans.” Visitors on that niche market can be loyal to your blog site. So take advantages of that niche to create loyal visitors

Create postings that engage the audience by asking them questions and encouraging them to interact. When someone responds to your article, make an effort to learn more about what they have to say.

Stay clam to comments from other visitors, respect each ideas and do not debate with visitors.

They can gain exposure while demonstrating their own skills by posting on your blog. Spammers write meaningless comments in the aim of generating cheap links…they’re useless and may even drive away your real visitors.

You should not only pay attention on comment in your blog site, but also interact with other blogging community. If you use WordPress, you can easily link your posts or website to blogger site and everyone can benefit from it.

Article Directory Marketing

Article Directory Marketing

To write a high-quality content for top ranking directory sites called article directory marketing. It is not much about your website theme or templates, it is about knowledge of writing skills.

There is no difference between blogs site. They are in a neural site and can not openly advertise companies. So exchanging a few links will be better for your blog. A few backlinks can generate thousand of links in a month. Letter on It will affect Google ranking score.

Based on old of algorithm, the article marketing was the top value for scoring a site in ranking. Today’s updates tells that backlinks have a value in scoring process. So “low-quality backlinks” and “high-quality backlinks” are counted.

According to Google in 2012, the method of discovering low-quality backlinks was articles that discriminate againts the article directory sites. We can totally agree with Google rules, but It is a way to identify low-quality backlinks.

However, article directory site tells that there are some high-ranking SERPS on their pages. SEO experts claims that there are pages that Google penalize.

To make everything clear for you, It is better to diversify backlinks strategy on your posts. Make a little work on each subject as article directory marketing, guest blogs, press.

Press Release 6 Simple Ways to Traffic Solution


Press articles created for a purpose of attracting editors, site owners, agencies and other news outlets.

Producing a press article and grabbing attention of national magazine is challenging, but writing a news which meets the criteria of internet syndication is quite simple.

Top 3 Criteria for Press Article:

  1. Professional Article Format
  2. Have a Valuable News in it.
  3. Provide Detailed Information with Links and Contact Number

Poor written article will not distributed by distributors, which is a particularly unpleasant sensation to have. Some sites like PRWeb, pay $200 for each article. So imagine, if your article will release on those site, your site will get quick hit.

Most of the leading press release distribution platforms do not store old releases, It is restricted till 30 days. Some press release sites, mainly free sites rather than huge publicity firms, keep old articles archived.

Still, free press release distribution may help you generate high-quality links and will not harm your reputation as long as the content has excellent quality.

Link Building

Link building plays important role in ranking score. In ranking score the quality of relationship is matter rather than quantity. This means that high quality content is not has important value itself, but also the anchor text to the linking site.

The reputation of your site based on high-quality backlinks. Search Engine can penalize your site for having bad links and it can damage your ranking score.

So, think twice before taking any action about links. Your reputation is on the line.

Reason #3
Social Network Marketing 6 Simple Ways to Traffic Solution

Social Network Marketing

Social networking is not only trendy and enjoyable in 2012, but it’s also a certain strategy to generate free visitors.

Keep in mind social network is not about selling something on a website. Visitors come to your website to learn about your service. Visitors like to talk, share information, be social and have a good time.

In fact, “companies”  speak themselves and fantastic products. This is against of the idea of social networking.

So, Does a social network boost your traffic? Many company owners still have problems with it, their sites may have a few likes but never generate interaction. They wonder, What is wrong?

Here is the deal; you have to know each social network site how to exploit its unique characteristics to attract visitors. Be the part of the crowd like Facebook, Twitter and so on.


Facebook is a social networking service that focuses on personal connections between users. Facebook is a platform where people from all walks of life can connect with friends and family. In fact, People spend their time with friend, enjoying their time rather than talking about business.

Also, no one even cares about what you write on your profile because it’s totally acceptable to who you are, what you do, and where you work.

It seems like you have chat with close friend, is not it? People are interested in knowing what you can provide them. If you mention you’re a math teacher, everyone will take notice and contact you with questions.

It works same way with whatever you do: as you announce about subject that you have expertize, people start to link to your profile. Visitors do not like to talk about deals, business or bargains. The only thing matter for them is the assistance for problems that they faced in each day.

Top 4 Facebook Advantages:

  1. Share Photos and Video
  2. Connect with People
  3. Groups and Pages
  4. Places
  5. Events


Twitter is the short version of Facebook, and do not have extensive features as Facebook, book people like simplicity. One of the best thing about Twitter it has more professional and informal relationships with people who aren’t necessarily your “friends”.

In reality, Twitter frequently used to promote new content pages, attract staff and clients, respond to customer service issues, and other commercial problems.

Top 3 Twitter Advantages:

  1. Real Time Search
  2. Latest News


LinkedIn may not be as well-known as Facebook or Twitter, but it is fast establishing itself as a major business platform. It is hard to setup profile online platform compare to Twitter and Facebook. Also some of  elements adopted from Facebook latest change.

LinkedIn all about connecting with business associates than socialize with people.

Top 5 LinkedIn Features:

  1. Question and Answer
  2. Profile Stats
  3. Jobs
  4. Companies
  5. News


It’s not as social as Facebook, and it’s not as straightforward to use as Twitter. However, several of Google +’s newest features make the site incredibly competitive, since Google’s massive acquisitions and dominance of the Internet’s search results.

Top 5 Google+ Traffic Boost Features:

  1. Video Chat
  2. Google Drive Storage
  3. Trending Content Option
  4. Circles Option
  5. +1 Features


Pinterest is the picture, arts, photography sharing social network. Pinterest idea is to establish brand rather than networking. Pineterst focuses on building communities, generating reactions and photo sharing and discovering common interests in connections.

Based on Experts, the trick for traffic solution from Pinterest is to be yourself. Pinterest doesn’t have a lot of complicated structure, but it does offer a straightforward setup and a method that allows users to “pin” similar-sized photographs.

All of the “pin” have a backlinks option to use, so you can link “pin” to your website. According to statistics is the biggest external link generator platform. So, make sure you post relevant “pin” with backlinks to your site.


Forums are not so powerful as it used to be. There was Myspace (the first social media site) internet forum or another word “chat room”.

These apps help bring people together with same niche and interest and helps them.

Many people avoid social media sites like Facebook and Twitter because they believe it is too difficult to meet others who share their most significant interests outside of their friends and family.

However, Online forums still have an ability to gather niche audience together, especially create forums with same keyword interests. In the forum you can discuss with your niche same issues or topics and provide or get solution.

Top 5 Online Forum Features:

  1. Poll Tools
  2. Cross Platform Log in
  3. Interact with Target Audience
  4. Build Community
  5. Signature Link

Make simple keyword search on your target audience, and do not forget to add “forum” phrase in search bar. It will help you to filter pages and content mills.

The simple rules for forums traffic solution:

  • Consistency
  • Do not promote directly
  • Be interesting

Social networking sites provide two significant traffic solution benefits: first, they generate high-quality links for your website. Second, social networks generate a large number of links back to your site.

Reason #4
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Many business owners do not understand email marketing or they want to use SPAM to get attention and traffic. SPAM is great tool to grab visitors attention. Eventually you tell people about drugs, sexy products or “life-changing literature” thing to get quick notice.

However, the massive spread of SPAM in the Internet have destroyed legitimate email marketing. Simply, cold emailing people with proposal….Fortunately, most of us do not respond on those emails.

Yes, you can create a traffic solution through SPAM and persuade your target audience your are no “one of them,” but the problem is this will be solid reputation.

Real Email Marketing vs SPAM

SPAM isn’t necessarily a unknown notion. After all, it’s a less focused kind of direct mail marketing, which has been utilized by local businesses for a long time. We can say that only difference is it is online.

Th wide emailing marketing we can compare with banner adds or TV advertisement.

You will take a huge risk by cold contacting with your target audience with “custom form”. While email marketing has an advantageous of presenting information.

Customer must first open the letter and read all information with headline. But, TV or radio advertisement sometimes can not offer such service.

However, direct marketing have technological advantageous and disadvantageous. You can create email campaign and make automatically, but there are too many fake email that make a campaign less valuable.

Why is SPAM considered criminal in some places? Why is it that almost every web host prohibits it? Why do ISPs go details to distinguish between SPAM and personal email messages? Is it truly immoral to SPAM someone?

SPAM has negative reputation because of the bad usage from poor marketers. Also, the true is most of people offend SPAM because of the it is nature. The Message that comes from SPAM has no soul, nothing at all.

So, if you want to create email marketing to boost your traffic, first step is to separate ideas from robotic or professional manner. The common complaint from SPAM of customers is too many emails comes from companies without concerning permission of customers.

So, the first step is to obtain that crucial permission form, which is best accomplished through the usage of an opt-in form. You may cold-email businesses and request permission. This is a 50/50 proposal may or may not respond.

Before attempting the direct approach, make deep research of firm and to prepare an introduction letter and be as professional as possible.

Otherwise, you may try opt-in email marketing method for traffic solution. Simply said, get permission from your target audience to send email on regular basis.

Top 3 Opt-in Email Marketing Advantages:

  1. Loyal Audience
  2. Product Based Audience
  3. Separate your Service from Spammers

Once you grab attention and FULL permission form customers. Start to create intricate email marketing campaign to develop relationship more in personal level with you audience.

Many users prefer to use email communication when it comes to making a deal or sale. They prefer to one on one attention from human being. So, you will use autoresponder tool, do not make email content too much formal or form like.

Instead, take a time to make email campaign and autoresponder more personalize. After all, many sale and purchases go through emails rather than home website or social network.

lists building 6 Simple Ways to Traffic Solution

List Building

You can create a mailing list with all your customer by a few clicks. It is better than drafting 1000 customer email posts. You have a few option, you can store your mailing on your own or you can use software to keep email lead in storage.


Autoresponder is a tool which helps you to answer emails automatically. It is a type of artificial intelligence, which helps you yo customize and jobs for you. Also, it is a useful tool to manage email campaigns, newsletter subscriptions, announcement and etc.

Email marketing tool can be download directly on your server or outsource from other sites. It is simple tool to use with a lot of features.

It is important to choose right autoresponder because it is critical to select a software that is not only free, but also functional—one that defends against SPAM.

Some autoresponder software, for example, might produce email backscatter, which will automatically mark legitimate communications as SPAM and send them straight to the rubbish folder.

Users may also select from a variety of HTML themes, personalize signup forms, send RSS through email, and track email statistics. Yes, you can make analysis through your users’ activity to observe which messages they open, which campaigns are the most effective, and which efforts aren’t so successful.


The tough phase is about to begin. How can you make a robotic approach to business feel more human? The importance of a human connection cannot be overstated… yet, we still need to use automated software to save time, don’t we?

Here is the solution. You can personalize email marketing campaign  to fit your niche. It will be better to create more customize email to satisfy you customers.

Customers really smart… They will not believe you are sending them a personal email. It makes no difference whether you use your own name or a generic title. Customers care about how you build a personal connection with them and whether you cater to their buying demands.

Top 3 Email Traffic Solution Tips:

  1. Create “Great Tittle” which satisfy customer needs and wants
  2. Create excellent content to keep interest of customer
  3. Direct to home page

Yes, we all agree that there is a difference in content format of email message and website because website content will not be informal. However, the point is transition from email message to website content should be smooth. Do not lose customers interests.

Moreover, it help you to generate traffic to your website a link on signature. You can add personal description about your business or website which great for relationship with your customers. Do not put affiliate link in email message, you can lose your customers.

Lastly, look into email statistics as well as SEO and social media data. Determine which messages generate the most traffic and which topics do not appear to be successful. Make the necessary changes to your campaign.

Don’t limit yourself to just one source of knowledge. You can boost traffic to your website by finding several newsletter and publishing it. As long as you target your audience more one newsletter is fine.

Reason #5
Traffic Monster

Traffic Monster

You will never have “huge” traffic until one of those thing is happens: you will get a lot of traffic after a year, second you will get a fame fast. If you are lucky you will get thousand of traffic in a day but if you are lucky.

How does it happens when a “viral” content share on internet and cause “snowball” effect? Snowball effect happens when people start to share your content and discuss it. It can happen a lot of time, based on content that you share.

Yes, It is hard to create “viral” content and wait for snowball effect. Many pages can even create based on “vital” content but snowball effect will not work.

It is impossible predict customers behavior and find the most interesting content that can trigger them to share. Keep in mind, no one make feel customer to share something, unless it respond to emotional part of customer.

It’s logical to assume that individuals wish to share “original content”. Yes, it is a new content, need a time to get reaction. That is why most of people choose video marketing tool to brand it.

Audio & Video Content

The many business website do no have video and audio content. When you look at 10 year back at middle class businesses you will see that you do not use visual presentation. So, the idea was no on doing visual presentation.

Nowadays, we see that most of the business owner focusing more on visual thing like creating short video, comedy skits, intro video and etc.

This impact change everything. Even if your content does not “go viral” you will get a million hits in a week and will boost your traffic.

Audio content or presentation can also help you to reach your target audience through Smartphones, PDAs, eBook Player, multimedia. Some business owner host a radio or podcast to communicate with customers. So, It help to improve listening traffic solution on your website.

Top 7 Tactics to Create Audio and Video Content:

  1. Be professional as possible
  2. Make Quality Videos
  3. Make Video and Audio Content relevant to your niche
  4. Do not make complicated video and audio content
  5. Make video and Audio content more entertaining
  6. Make Analyzes and create video or audio based on the most search-requested.
  7. Do not forget to tag your content with a text.

Host your Content

Isn’t this a simple step? Certainly not. Many people desire to publish significant video and audio material on their main site since they would undoubtedly profit from the increased traffic when the content becomes viral.

Most of the business companies like to have FREE storage site or social platform to store massive file. Here is the example of massive storage site like: YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion, MetaCafe.

You can use third option like to store massive file in cloud storage services. It is completely free and awesome concept since they allow you to back up your material remotely, ensuring that data loss is never a problem.

Some servers also include auto-update, as well as the ability for a user to view his material from any location and on any device. Some even enable you to watch videos.

Top 11 FREE Cloud Servers:

  • DropBox
  • SugarSync
  • ZumoDirve
  • Team Drive
  • Ubuntu
  • iDrive
  • OpenDrive
  • Syncplicity
  • SpiderOak
  • SkyDrive
  • Google Drive


Picture can tell everything about your service or content than a content. Also, It can go viral by gathering thousands of likes, shares on Facebook page. Consider how powerful it would be if you could link your company’s name to a viral image.

How do you develop a picture that catches people’s attention and drives them to your website? First of all, be certain you’re on the right track. Have you ever noticed how many of the photos on Facebook have in one “group” name?

These are groups that were founded exclusively for the goal of gathering a following via exchanging photos. They can be located via Facebook’s search engine, but they may also be linked to and shared among friends.

So, whether your photographs are inspiring, hilarious, dramatic, provocative, or clever, the first trick to employing pictures is to locate an audience that enjoys them.

Spend more time establishing an image that your clients will like rather than wasting time producing something spectacular. A photograph might be as basic as a high-resolution photo of a new or a clever quote that reflects your company’s beliefs.

Make sure all of your photographs are optimized, meaning they appropriately represent the keywords you’re aiming for. By storing the file name as the targeted keyword and giving alternate text that is a keyword, you may ensure picture SEO integrity.

Create video content story for your audience. You story can convey your audience and grab their attention. This how commercial ads on TV is aimed for.

Moreover, you should tell your business story to your target audience and convey them. By addressing your “needs” through image can be beneficial to your traffic solution.

Unique Content

If you have problem with video shooting or creating a video content. Then make content looks outstanding that can go viral and boost your traffic.

Basic writings and even decent pieces do not become viral; instead, they receive occasional traffic. If you want boost your traffic, you should concentrate on making your content completely original. The reason is you want to build strong relationship with your audience.

That emotional response is crucial. We’re not implying that you have to create anything that will make everyone cry. However, the emotional reaction happens when an customers see something very useful to them.

Top 9 Useful Content Tips:

  1. Achieve your own ambitions
  2. Make it very Entertaining
  3. Evokes feelings of nostalgia
  4. Tell them importance of content
  5. Give them impression that the information is secret
  6. Help them to be social with same niche
  7. Find the problem and provide solution that they never heard
  8. Provide New ideas
  9. Amaze them with something that is hard to believe

You must make certain that the unique content you’re creating is both relevant to your market and addresses an existing “need.” So be wary of bringing fresh concepts that have yet to be demonstrated to have a demand or a market. These pages may easily become time-wasters.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a application which helps you to your website links and content, be organize, store, manage and search for same content. Another name is tagging. It help to promote content with target niche all over the web. Same as social network.

Metadata is used to provide descriptions to links, as well as bookmarks, so that the context is quickly recognized when the link is clicked. Users may also leave comments on the contents, vote on the subject, and rate the article’s quality.

Some services also let you keep track of all changes and data, including how people share and tag your bookmarks. Bookmarks can also be emailed and shared through social media.

Delicious, Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon are some of the most popular social bookmarking services. These are great traffic solution generators since they can help you become “viral.” They’re also content-centric, which means they’re less interested with photos and more focused with high-quality, original articles.

Top 11 Reasons of why Content Fails to go Viral:

  1. Content not unique and interesting
  2. Not clear content information
  3. Not catchy Headline
  4. Not Highlighted important material
  5. Bad Formatting
  6. Wrong Keywords
  7. Not simple Bookmark site
  8. But time of Submitting Content (should be 10 AM to 3 PM)
  9. Wrong Categorization
  10. No Profile
  11. Not being social

Different Types of Multimedia

If you’ve run out of content ideas, or want develop viral strategy, consider taking a developmental approach by creating apps or other multimedia projects for your clients. Many businesses are ready to spend thousands of dollars to develop a product that will benefit their consumers.

if you host this feature on your own website, your visitors will rush there to utilize it. Along the way, they’ll notice your logo, website design, and pricing, and they could be persuaded to give your business a go.

“I am not a programmer!” – yes, most of us not. But it does not meant you can not outsource job to a programmer. You can create a apps with a programmer and brand it as your own. It can grab many internet views attention and help your to grow business.

Viral Pages

Finally, we’ll look at how to make viral pages. You must remain constant, since for every page that becomes viral, there will be many others that never reach a large audience.

Continue to send them out on a regular basis and do not forget about research. That way, you’ll know what “kind” of material gets the most attention and, as a result, what kind of future initiatives you should be thinking about.

It’s also beneficial to keep up with what’s going on in the world of the internet, including viral topics or interesting news. To know what the rest of world is doing, looking at, thinking is always a smart thing to keep in mind while creating your own content.

Making time to create viral content is highly suggested because it is a terrific approach to increase traffic without having to pay for it.

Reason #6
Great Ideas 6 Simple Ways to Traffic Solution

Great Ideas

We’ve spoken about the greatest strategies for generating free visitors, SEO, social networking, viral content, and email-marketing. Now we’ll look at some alternative options that could work for your company—depending on your business model and plan.

Remember, you’re searching for free…and in this case, free is the greatest option, since all of the most successful strategies we’ve discussed are completely free.

Banner Ads

Banner ads helps you to redirect visitors to your site. It is not necessary for banner advertising to be compensated. Create many sites (without duplicating content) and then post banner advertising that direct viewers to your site.

Alternatively, you can deal with other website owner for a banner ad. Banner advertising don’t count as much as organic SEO links when it comes to measuring total links.

Moreover, if you have design skills you can create your own banner ads with creative style. Avoid to create GIF animation or other dynamic technology. May sure about your message and design to grab customers attention.

Top 14 Banner Ad Size:

  • Full Banner 468 x 60
  • Leaderboard 728 x 90
  • Square #1 336 x 280
  • Square #2 300 x 250
  • Square #3 250 x 250
  • Skyscraper #1 160 x 600
  • Skyscraper #2 120 x 600
  • Small Skyscraper 120 x 240
  • Half Banner 234 x 60
  • Rectangle 180 x 150
  • Square Button 125 x 125
  • Button #1 120 x 90
  • Button #2 120 x 60
  • Button #3 88 x 31

Link Exchange

Does a link Exchange or banner with anther company is totally waste of a time? Not at all.

Many marketers create “mutual benefit” link Exchange with other website to some how trigger Google attraction and increase PR (Page Rank) of site. However, it is not same as to create press, blogs, article for directories and so on.

Many SEO “experts” were stopped looking for links when Google announced to the world that link aren’t worth much in most circumstances. Specifically, when businesses only utilize them as a kind of leverage.

This isn’t to argue that exchanging mutual links exchange is always a bad idea. When there is a valid cause for a link exchange, like in “blog roll” , the search engines will count it.

Simply, mutual link exchanges may work… But first you have to show to search engines that you’re truly working together (by guest blogging) and not for boosting traffic.

Text Links

PPC (Pay Per Click) is not about Free traffic generation… it is alternative to SEO. Simply, it is about whoever gets get the most per click.

So it not only matter how many time the audience click to your ad or website. But also you can benefit from “Impression” which means how many time does your content see your target audience.

PPC counter of big companies like Google and Facebook also make money through demand of high impression.

How does PPC have concern on FREE traffic?

This is a huge topic to cover, I recommend you to look at in internet.

Since both strategies entail exchanging clicks and impressions from one firm to another, “free PPC” is only a few steps away from “affiliate linking”. And yes, you have an opportunity of generating money through affiliate networks.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

As we all know about Affiliate Marketing Program which means to make affiliate sales such as offered by big companies like Amazon and other. I will try to show you different meaning.

What I mean is you can associate yourself, your brand or business to network and benefit from traffic. Also, through that network make extra money.

It’s essentially a more advanced form of a link exchange, with a few key distinctions. An affiliate program serves as a link between online publishers and businesses looking to sell their services and products. If you join up with an affiliate, you can select any role…but you’ll be limited to working within the network.

Moreover you can negotiate conditions such as banner size, text ads, anchor text ads, and so on.

Moreover, you can benefits of popularity of other website such as blog like community in affiliate program. But the only main question is: Does your concept fit to those sites of networks?

Basically, an affiliate program helps you to boost your traffic and reach more audience in your niche.

CPC (Cost Per Click) or Cost Per Impression is not main priority for you if you want to generate fast and large amount of traffic.

Many affiliates pass minimum traffic requirements and realize that only a few cents you can earn a day. The bottom line is, speeding to much money on banner can violate rules of search engine.

Free Stuff

In the worst-case scenario, you could always provide incentives to your target audience in return for their visits. For instance, free gifts, discounts, and meals are all examples of freebies.

To be honest, it’s an excellent and quick approach to increase website traffic and fame, especially if you’re giving away something absolutely wonderful.

However, do no pay for traffic solution. Many web entrepreneurs and business owners are currently experimenting with the gift of knowledge—viral content. It will just cost you time.

Mobile Advertisement

Finally, mobile advertisement of big traffic. Who would know that Smartphones will play important role in traffic?

Many individuals do, in fact, use Internet-enabled cell phones, e-readers, and multimedia players… They are completely abandoning their computers. Take advantage of the situation. Follow your audience everywhere they go, even if it’s on their phones.

Mobile marketing focusing on creation of content, links, applications, and SMS messaging for on-the-go consumers.

However, because you are concentrating attention on customers to your messages, it also incorporates the notion of email marketing.

Top 3 Biggest Mobil Marketing Campaign Sites:

  1. Google Maps
  2. Facebook Places
  3. Google Places

Signing up for sites and start to attract the attention of folks. Google Maps takes use of localization characteristics and may really drive local online traffic utilizing mobile devices to your organization or website.

The newest updates of Google algorithm, Venice, helps to increase SERPs of local businesses. Google and Facebook Places generate lot of traffic for local businesses.


We have learnt about how to generate free traffic. It is wonderful to find traffic solution and do not pay thousands of dollars on subject that will not work effectively as it is suppose to be. Even, many marketing companies pay a lot to reach their target audience.

In really, you can reach desired traffic more effectively by using simple FREE Internet sources.   

The Important fact to great success is to being hungry enough to reach your goals. Ask yourself, Do you hungry enough to reach your goals?