8 Tips for Building an Audience in the Smart Way

8 Tips for Building an Audience in the Smart Way

For every serious internet business, building an audience should be the first step. The goal is to build an audience that is not just big but also highly engaged and focused. 

This means that you shouldn’t just be concerned with building the largest readership possible for your website.  

Instead, you should concentrate on building an audience who is captivated by everything you have to say, who hangs on to your every word, and who is eager to consume more of your content in any way that is possible.

Here are 8 tips for building an audience: Focus on business, rebranding, website appearance, social media channels, concert channels, YouTube channel, networking, and repeat. 

Building an audience entails developing one that will expand in a self-sustaining and self-perpetuating way. It entails developing a clientele of people who will genuinely wish to make a purchase from you. Additionally, it entails building a loyal audience that will stick around for a while. 

And although I don’t want to sound overly dramatic, it is undeniably true that massive, targeted audiences like this serve as the key differentiator that distinguishes the most successful companies online. 

Consider this. What are the most popular websites and brands in your industry right now? Which competitors do you wish you could compete against? 

It may be something like Bodybuilding.com or BreakingMuscle.com for a fitness website. It may be ShoeMoney, MOZ, SmartPassiveIncome, or Search Engine Land for an internet marketing website. It might be Tim Ferriss or the Bulletproof Executive for a self-improvement website. 

What distinguishes these sites, then? Why are they more popular than your company’s brand? 

Simple: They reach many more people than you do. Thousands of people follow these websites. those who consider themselves true admirers. People who will regularly visit their website and believe what they have to say. 

A small specialty website won’t have the audience engagement to reach out to if it publishes news about a new product. The usual conversion rate for a sales page is around 1% at the generous end, so if 100 individuals see that product over the course of a month, it would amount to one sale. 

Sure, you could increase the number of visitors to your site. To drive traffic to your website, you may create a marketing campaign and convince plenty of people to click on it. 

But they would probably simply leave after that. Why? They are not your audience. Although you have more visibility now, no one is listening to you. 

I like to imagine a watch salesperson here as I do every time. Imagine someone approaching you on the street, offering to sell you a $1,000 watch after opening their coat.  

You would? No! because you don’t have faith in them. You have no knowledge of them. You’ve never seen anything like this. even if the watch is beautiful, a wonderful deal, and precisely what you want. 

But now assume that you have done a lot of business with a neighborhood jeweler and that you now have a high level of familiarity and confidence in them. You’re on their mailing list, you’re familiar with the store’s owner, and you know the name of the company.  

The identical watch is in the window as you pass by on the street. You could decide to buy it now. Considering that you are already a client. And a website that has potential customers experiences the same issue. 

I also like to use the analogy of asking someone out on a date. Imagine approaching a stranger on the street and asking for their phone number. How probable is that to occur? You’ll be lucky not to be smacked since they’ll probably refuse to give it to you! 

But if you take the time to get to know them and develop a connection, you have a lot better chance of succeeding. 

This is how platforms and building an audience vary in online marketing or blogging. Therefore, you must invest the necessary time to not only be able to connect with a sizable number of individuals but also to be able to recognize them as real followers or true fans. 

Building and Audience 8 Tips for Building an Audience in the Smart Way

Building an Audience

How will you go about making the channel for which you will be so excited?  

Your brand awareness is essentially where it all begins. This is what will help you develop a subject that you are genuinely passionate about, as well as what will help you develop a blog post, company, and channel that targets an audience that you are passionate about. 

The first and greatest thing you should do for your business is often a rebranding if you currently have a business and are having trouble proving your online presence or growing an engaged audience. 

If your website simply shouts, “generic business,” also: a general fitness website! Then you must start at once a new and begin supplying folks with a cause to support you. 

And you can do so by showing your excitement and love for your own business. Because, let’s face it, nobody else would care about their site if you didn’t seem to care about your own. 

You must thus rebrand, and the process begins with choosing your mission statement. In essence, a mission statement is a declaration of purpose.  

This is a concise overview of both the purpose and subject matter of your website. What will it support folks that they won’t be able to get elsewhere? Why ought they to adhere to you? 

This mission statement should take Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle” into account. Simon depicts a circle as having three layers: the outside, the center, and the inside. They are known as the “what,” “how,” and “why” levels. 

Chances are, if your business now has a generic brand, you have thought about the first layer and perhaps the second, but not the middle. You must decide the importance of what you are doing and the reason(s) for your actions. 

Therefore, if you run a fitness blog, your “what” is fitness-related material. The method is that you use written material to inform individuals about getting fit. But what distinguishes you is your “why.” 

Perhaps you write in order to provide bodybuilders with a resource for knowledge and a sense of community. Or perhaps you write to encourage people to believe in themselves and improve their health. 

Like how deciding your “why” may entail deciding that you wish to help small business if you offer EPOS systems. Perhaps you wish to upgrade the standard commercial experience with more intelligent technologies. 

In any event, having a why will provide your followers with motivation to care about your business. They have a motivation to listen to you and follow you because of what you have to say. People will want to follow you because you have a purpose, a goal, and a passion. 

Additionally, this “why” will enable you to start presenting content that is more intriguing and give people a cause to follow you. 

Because if your “why” is to help small companies adopt contemporary technology, you can instantly write about a wide range of topics, like internet marketing, mobile applications, virtual reality, augmented reality, and more, with fervor and excitement.  

Even though it is outside the subject of this book, it may provide you with some more product ideas. 

The Buyer Persona

You might be asking why, when it comes to building an audience, we place such a strong emphasis on brand and high-quality content.  

I assume you’ve guessed by now that the solution is that you’re trying to build something that people want to follow. anything that people find intriguing. 

But let’s look at how the audience should find the brand in order to relate this a bit more directly to the idea of building an audience. 

You must next realize that not everyone will be a fit for your website or business. As much as you would want to try to appeal to as many people as you can, doing so will inevitably make you seem generic. Additionally, consumers will not care about your brand if you are generic. 

What makes Apple so successful? since it is aware of its large audience. It has opted to provide high-end items for creative professionals rather than trying to appeal to everyone.  

By doing this, they have turned off a section of their target market (those who want more flexibility in their technology and those who want to pay less), but they have also ensured that their actions are as appealing as possible to that market. 

Similar action should be your goal. Don’t strive to appeal to everyone that visits your website, in other words. Instead, pick a few people who will support your mission statement and concentrate on them. 

You can learn more about building an audience by doing this. As a result, you can understand what people prefer, which enables you to meet their needs and provide products that they will gush over. 

It is MUCH preferable to have a small but committed audience than a large but uninterested one. 

Now that you know that you should aggressively profile your ideal audience. This implies that you will develop a buyer persona that will behave like your ideal archetypal client. This is the individual practically for whom your things are created.  

This is the individual who is most likely to support and buy your work. Make up a fictional biography and include information like this: What do they earn? Are they male or female? What additional interests and pastimes do they have? 

Now you’re going to design a website exclusively for that hypothetical person. 



Am I implying that you must be a passionate enthusiast of the subject in order to start a company or blog? Am I asserting that running a profitable business when you don’t fully understand it is impossible? 

In no way. Going the detached path is OK, but if you’re going to do that, you still need to care and be passionate about what you’re doing.  

You must respect the target market, the industry, and the concept. Putting money, time, and other resources into the concept will require finding collaborators who share your enthusiasm. 

In other words, you must assemble a group. This entails hiring brilliant writers who are enthusiastic about the subject you’ve selected, hiring talented artists and designers to develop the website, and spending a lot of money on the website you want to build. 

By doing this, the website will appear professional, which will help to build up confidence. 

For instance, choosing the ideal logo is essential if you want to build the strongest brand possible. That doesn’t always imply doing it yourself unless you’re a qualified designer.  

It entails being active in the design process and giving feedback on the final product’s appearance. It also entails working with a professional logo designer who has the necessary training and resources to create stunning results. 

Going to a website with a clear logo that clearly communicates what the website is about and who it is for is quite different from visiting a website that appears amateurishly built in MS Paint and is grainy. 

Therefore, in addition to rebranding and selecting the ideal goal statement, you also need to make a small financial investment. If you need the money, why not obtain a PayPal Business Loan?  

Then just use that money to upgrade your website’s appearance to a genuinely professional level. Compare it to the website run by your main rival and consider whether it is indeed of the same high caliber. If not? It’s time to start over. 

The goal today is for visitors to your website to recognize right away that you are engaged in something novel and intriguing, that you are quite competent, and that you have the means to carry out your work effectively.  

Why would someone trust you to create a high-quality product or service for them if you can’t develop a website with amazing graphics and a decent layout? 

Additional Ways to Polish

What further steps can you take to give your website that polished, reliable look? 

Investing in high-quality video production is a practical choice. A high-quality video has the power to make a significant impression and persuade viewers to join your mailing list or just decide they’re curious about your company and want to know more. 

This is because videos have the power to draw viewers in and keep them interested unlike most other forms of media. However, when you produce a high-quality video, viewers may also perceive the budget.  

The viewer will feel as though they are seeing something produced by a serious player in the niche if it is HD-filmed, has professional editing, has a clever opening jingle, and has excellent bottom thirds.  

This immediately builds trust since it is something that a little child in his mother’s basement could not provide. 

Currently, the site design must be responsive to mobile friendly. It must load rapidly and make it exceedingly simple for users to navigate, schedule reservations, or place orders.  

Imagine that people wish to view your website on their cellphone with one hand while in line at the airport. What was that like for you? 

Because if your website isn’t simply delightful to use, attention and consumers WILL wane. 

You should start adding social media pages at this time as well. These provide your visitors with extra opportunities to follow you once they’ve been wowed by your brand and production standards.  

However, having social media accounts is not enough; you also need to ensure that they have the same consistent aesthetics and sensibilities as the rest of your company. That implies that your website’s name and URL should also be used for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  

Your Facebook page should be at http://www.facebook.com/healthylife if your website is http://www.healthylife.com. This not only makes it simpler for others to find you, but it also offers a unified, coherent, and well-thought-out plan, making it immediately more enticing. 


Blog posts must be written very well. It must be interesting, devoid of mistakes, and effectively convey the value proposition—the “dream”—that gives your brand its emotional appeal. The same is true of blogs that are linked to corporate websites. 

It will also be what motivates them to convert from casual visitors to followers. This will provide you with a new approach to finding new consumers through SEO.  

It often takes a few interactions with your brand before a potential subscriber or Twitter follower decides they wish to do so. To get them closer to wanting to join up, you must make sure that each of these interactions leaves an impression. 

Similarly, your social media accounts. You must provide incentives for someone to follow you. Here, I’m not referring to giving away things for free, which would just encourage people to subscribe or follow you and never read your content.  

Instead, I advocate providing something that is intriguing and serves as a reward in and of itself. By discussing topics that are important to them, you engage your audience and build excitement for your brand rather than blogging about how fantastic your company is. 



Since everything now looks professional and you have a brand that people want to follow, you must continue to provide them with fantastic content and opportunities to convert from visitors to followers. 

We’ve previously talked a little about social media, but in this section, we’re going to focus on each platform and explore it more. At the same time, we’ll concentrate on some other platforms you may use to spread the news.

YouTube Platform

I’m going to start with one of the best strategies for building an audience development that many companies lack. 

Recall how we said, a video might be interesting while also showcasing the finest of what your company has to offer. Then picture how effective you could be if you concentrated all your marketing efforts on video. If you start a YouTube channel to grow your audience, you will be doing that. 

Now, when someone watches one of your films, they’ll be astounded not just by the excellent production quality, but also by the enthusiasm and vigor you convey. People follow things that emotionally connect with them, and video makes it much easier to elicit and develop emotion. 

Numerous well-known companies have their roots on YouTube, including Jonathan Morrisson, Bored at Work, Elliot Hulse, The Hodge Twins, PewDiePie, and countless more. However, there aren’t many instances of blogs or companies using YouTube effectively. 

The ideal approach to using YouTube effectively is to build a channel that offers high-quality material that is pertinent to your topic, just as you would with a blog.  

You’ll invest in a nice camera, excellent lighting, and good editing tools to present this in a way that is interesting, amusing, and educational. Any of that make you nervous? Then employ a person who can handle it for you. 

You do not have to appear on camera if you want not to. Slideshows and animations may be just as effective with a little more narration, as proven by channels like ASAP Science or Mr. Sunday Movies. 

It’s crucial that you perform SEO correctly. Although SEO will be briefly discussed in this book, it should be noted that SEO is simpler and more successful on YouTube.  

Write lengthy descriptions for your videos, use prominent search phrases in the tags, and consider other well-liked videos and hot themes while creating your content. 

By doing so, you may encourage your videos to appear as suggested videos for viewers to watch next or to rank well for popular search phrases. 

YouTube requires extra money to buy. It is tougher. Furthermore, there will be a lot of labor involved and initially little reward. But the fact that so many smaller firms avoid it because of this is helpful for you.  

It’s helpful since having a YouTube channel will enable your website to stand out from the competition. Spend the time and effort necessary, and for inspiration, consider a channel like Charisma on Command, which struggled for a long time to get readers for its blog before investing in YouTube. 

Email Marketing

Many websites and businesses will claim that email marketing is their most effective method for expanding, interacting and building an audience. Is this a fact? No, and yes.  

Email marketing is fantastic since it allows you a direct line of communication with your targeted audience; you won’t have to rely on a third party, such as Facebook, to decide whether your postings are viewed. People often read their emails, and they are even alerted when new ones come in. 

Additionally, email has a personal feel about it. This implies that for certain consumers, joining a mailing list will instantly increase their sense of customer loyalty to your business and make them feel nearly like VIPs.  

This is a fantastic approach to increase interaction, encourage people to reply to your communications, and pique their interest in your forthcoming announcements and initiatives. 

But a LOT of people also do not consider email. People are hesitant to share their email addresses by nature, and many will quickly get annoyed if you message them often. Additionally, it is a less dynamic, multimodal, and adaptable mode of communication. 

For some brands kinds, email marketing often performs better. It works extremely well for service providers and is much more effective if you have been in email touch with your clientele.  

Having a client list will enable you to send email blasts to everyone you’ve worked with, offering discounts or letting them know that you’re open to new projects. They’ll be far more likely to answer the phone because they’re accustomed to communicating with you via email. 

Email marketing is also effective for personal brands. People will feel as though they know you if you have a brand like Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income, which makes them more interested in receiving emails from you. 

Sign up for an autoresponder to grow your mailing list. Then, be sure to include it not just at the bottom of each post but also in your sidebar.  

The most essential thing is to explain in your content why people should be interested in your mailing list and what it is all about. In other words, aggressively advertise it inside the material they came to view rather than just leaving it there and hoping they’ll see it. 

Social Media Platforms

And lastly, continue to publish on social media platform. That includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, maybe, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Even if simply for the potential SEO boost it provides, it is valuable.   

On social media, the goal is to publish often and repeatedly while making sure that you are providing helpful content. Depending on the station, this may change a little. 

Instagram is obviously very visual. As many Instagram superstars brilliantly show, this is all about marketing a specific lifestyle or fantasy.  

Post images that will make others think they are more attractive, successful, or fit. Alternatively, if your brand is more in-depth, show them fascinating technology in use, stunning trip locales, or creative individuals. 

In other words, Instagram is where you express the feelings that stimulate your target audience and drive your business. Keep in mind that emotion drives behavior, and behavior includes joining a mailing list! 

You may share amusing sidebars and helpful advice on Twitter. Since it allows you to engage your audience a little bit in your daily life, this channel works especially well for personal brands.  

Share your daily routine, where you are, and your process… If you’re traveling for work, you may tweet about the hilarious cuisine you’re eating or the location. This promotes greater intimacy with, and therefore, trust among, your right audience. 

Finally, Facebook is a helpful platform for communicating and building an audience as well as giving both types of content.  

Remember that communication is two-way, and this is a highly effective approach to respond to inquiries, pique interest in your business among consumers, and help your page gain traction on offline social networks.  

Facebook is a terrific platform for running campaigns and competitions, building an audience, and crowdsourcing ideas. This is also quite beneficial for promoting material on your website, particularly if you can create some attention-grabbing headlines and titles. 

Keep in mind that not all your Facebook followers will see every post you make. If you publish too often, don’t worry! 

Making sure that your website and your social media are linked is a crucial suggestion for fostering success on your social media.  

Since every time someone likes your page, their friends will see it, social media will increase your viewership. It follows that some of those new viewers would decide to follow it, which would then allow them to share it with their friends. 

Therefore, by simply including social networking links on your site and in your articles, you may foster a positive feedback loop where each new visitor leads to an increase in followers, who in turn lead to an increase in visits. 

Top 8 Most Popular Mobile Social Apps in the United States in 2019

Name of Mobile Social Apps Million Unique Visitors
Facebook 169,76
Instagram 121,23
Facebook Messenger 106,4
Twitter 81,47
Pinterest 66,88
Reddit 47,87
Snapchat 45,98
WhatsApp 25,58

Source: Statista.com

How to Grow your Audience

How to Grow your Audience

If you’re already following the advice in this piece, your growth will be steady.  

A site with real enthusiasm, something original to say, and a beautiful design will almost certainly attract readers and encourage them to share it with their friends and other websites, which will help you develop a growing number of followers. 

But this will still be a slow process if you aren’t constantly advertising your website. You’ll undoubtedly get some traffic from Google (thanks to long-tail keywords) and the occasional share if you only post to your site and share it with social media audience. 

However, it will take years for you to build the momentum you need to begin thriving on your own. 

It is therefore imperative that you aggressively expand your audience as well. You’ve created the ideal net; now you simply need to start moving it in the right directions. 

These growth hacking suggestions are things that many other sites won’t ever think of, but they will work. 

Communities and Social Sharing

Posting on social networking platforms and forums is one of your top alternatives for advertising your blog. Subreddits, Facebook Groups, and other online discussion platforms are examples of this.  

A single post on one of them may give your website significant exposure and get the system you’ve built running smoothly. The approach to this, though, might be both right and wrong. 

If you join Reddit, go for the proper subreddit, and publish your article there, it can be regarded with suspicion and receive a lot of negative feedback. even if the writing is excellent! Why? Because you’re obviously trying to promote yourself.  

This is not well received anywhere, but it is especially unpopular in a close-knit, encouraging community. Thus, the best course of action is to start by fostering trust within that community.  

There, stay a while. Learn about individuals. Mention the goal you have in mind. Find out what they enjoy and hate.  

You’ll get “friends” in that group as a result of doing this, and whatever you give will be enormously more successful. Additionally, those individuals are more inclined to share your quality content elsewhere. Having the support of an engaged community may also make a significant impact overall. 

Consider tangential niches as another piece of advice. You’ll blend in with a ton of other information if you run a fitness website and take part in a fitness forum.  

But if you create a blog on martial arts and fitness and post it in a forum for martial artists, you’ll have something immediately more intriguing and special.  

And you’ve reached a completely new group of people that you hadn’t previously. Think about your buyer persona and use this to decide more topics in which your targeted audience could be interested. 

Internet users worldwide spent daily time on social networking sites from 2016 to 2021.

Years Minutes Per Day
2016 128
2017 134
2018 142
2019 145
2020 145
2021 145

Source: Statista.com


There is no getting around the fact that networking and interacting with other creators and companies is the greatest method to create a following online quickly. In order to promote each other to your respective audiences, find someone who has a sizable following and offer to collaborate with them.  

Reach out to those individuals, have a conversation with them, and explain why you’re eager to start your collaboration since this is the only way to generate exponential development. However, don’t immediately strive for the top; instead, begin by focusing on influencers who are on a par with you.  


Finally, I just wanted to make a little point on SEO to emphasize that even though it is a helpful tool, you should never allow it control what you do.  

The truth? It is very hard to rank at the top of Google for a popular search query unless you have a huge budget. And you must write for that potential audience if you want to develop one. 

So certainly, think about SEO. Let it influence the odd post. Consider other specialized subjects that will interest your audience and research what they are looking for. However, don’t rely on this strategy to increase your audience growth. 


This is the full guide to growing a sizable internet following. not what you expected? Precisely! And for this reason, so many blogs, companies, and brands fail. 

Making sure you understand who your future customers are and what they want is essential if you try building an audience that cares about your business. Then you must devote your time, energy, and love to producing something spectacular for them.  

Something of which you are proud, and which will thrill them. You must understand why. You must make a purchase. Additionally, you must distinguish oneself as special and fascinating. 

The next step is as easy as building an audience in the proper areas, blogging often, and having faith in what you’re doing. 

Do you want the short version? Then, as follows: 

  1. Decide what the focus of your business is. 
  2. Rebrand your business. 
  3. Spend money to ensure that your website appears fantastic. 
  4. Establish the platforms and channels if you are building an audience. 
  5. Make sure that all your channels work in concert. 
  6. YouTube Channel 
  7. Networking and being active in social communities 
  8. Repeat 

Building an audience entails developing one that will expand in a self-sustaining and self-perpetuating way. It entails developing a clientele of people who will genuinely wish to make a purchase from you. Additionally, it entails building a loyal audience that will stick around for a while. 

And although I don’t want to sound overly dramatic, it is undeniably true that massive, targeted audiences like this serve as the key differentiator that distinguishes the most successful companies online. 

A site with real enthusiasm, something original to say, and a beautiful design will almost certainly attract readers and encourage them to share it with their friends and other websites, which will help you develop a growing number of followers. 

But this will still be a slow process if you aren’t constantly advertising your website. You’ll undoubtedly get some traffic from Google (thanks to long-tail keywords) and the occasional share if you only post to your site and share it with social media audience. 

These growth hacking suggestions are things that many other sites won’t ever think of, but they will work: Communities and Social Sharing