Building Links for Your Website: A Dummies Guide in 2022

Building Links for Your Website A Dummies Guide

Building links for your website is a part of SEO strategy. Search Engine Optimization is referred to by this acronym. What does SEO do? It is the process of dissecting and building both individual web pages and whole sites so that they may be found, examined, and then indexed by various search engines. 

Your website’s content may become more relevant, appealing, and simple for search engines’ crawling and indexing algorithms to read through SEO. 

Why do you think this is so important to you? Would it be important to you if customers couldn’t find your phone number or company address? Many firms probably won’t last very long in such an environment, in my opinion. 

A site could be affected by this situation. Can potential customers readily find your present site? Your site’s traffic may be low. Your site might not even be known to potential customers. 

Techniques for Building Links for your Website – Blogging and RSS

Techniques for Building Links for your Website – Blogging and RSS

We’re going to look at a couple methods for building backlinks for SEO rapidly, which will eventually have your site indexed, usually very quickly.  

If you’re already indexed, this might improve your ranking or encourage the search engines to index more of your site by having them crawl more of your pages. Blogging and RSS came first.


In essence, blogging is an alternative method of obtaining creating backlinks for SEO. When you start writing a blog, Google is already aware of it almost immediately. There are too many visits every day from Google and other search engines to count. 

A backlink is really created when you casually mention your site in a blog article and include a good link to it. Google Search Console indexes all reputable blog hosts, and it believes what these blogs have to say. If you are building links for your website in a blog, you’re often indexed quickly. 

Almost all methods for quickly being indexed rely on high quality backlinks and gaining them is simple. Both blogging and having friends who are already indexed are fantastic methods. 

Here are a few trustworthy blog sites that will be quite helpful to you. Make it a point to avoid including a blog on every single one, or at the absolute least, avoid doing so while using the following strategies I’ll discuss. It will cause more harm than good. 

Great sites to Blog about your website: 

  • Blogger 
  • BlogSpot 
  • 360 Degrees 
  • MySpace 
  • Xanga 
  • LiveJournal 
  • Multiply 
  • Opera 
  • Blog 

There are a huge variety of blogs and blogging sites. A couple are just for general blogs, while others are only for certain categories of blogs. You may easily learn more if you conduct some study. 

Getting indexed by blogging and pinging may be the most beneficial and effective strategy. 

Everything is just fantastic when it comes to being quickly and completely indexed, and it is all free. 

I’ll get to pinging shortly, but first I’d want to review RSS. 


Known as Really Simple Syndication (RSS), It is a method of letting blog hosts and search engines know when you update your site or blog as soon as it is finished.  

While RSS on its own is unnecessary, when used well with a blog or web page, it becomes another indexing tool that you can use to your advantage right away. 

Again, this isn’t a thorough explanation; it’s just a means to get you started and familiar with the process, so I won’t go on and on about RSS. The one unbeatably cool thing about RSS, if I may say so, is that it really works. 

Techniques for Building Links for your Website – Pinging

Techniques for Building Links for your Website – Pinging

Pinging and blogging should go hand in hand, but you’ll learn more about that in my step-by-step plan for becoming indexed. Rapidly! 

Pinging is more than two things, but in its simplest form, it may be two. 

The classic DOS program “ping” may be used to verify that a site or IP address is active or at the very least reachable via DOS. Then there is the rather distinct Pinging approach, which is quite new. 

The type of Pinging I’m talking about right now is when you tell the search engines about your page and what it’s about. In essence, pinging is telling.  

You are performing two things at once when you ping something on the internet using a site rather than the DOS command. In fact, you’re instructing the site to check your site to ensure it exists, but you’re also asking it to inform the search engines about your site. 

When you ping your site or page (you may ping either your page or your complete site, although it’s ideal to do each page individually), it notifies the search engines that you have done so.  

Typically, the search engines will index your page just because someone (you) pings it, without even having to be interested in it. 

The search engines are unaware that you are pinging the site and not someone else unless you are being watched by them. They want to know because they believe someone else might be interested in learning about your site. 

Search engines resemble teenagers in many ways. They rank and grade people according to what other people think. Now, just because a lot of people ping your site doesn’t always mean that it will help you (no one will really do this because it only benefits you in the short term and not them). 

I try to live by the saying “Ping it and forget it.” Sometimes the bots will quickly start crawling all over you, sometimes it may take a little longer, and sometimes it won’t help at all. 

If everyone understood exactly how search engines functioned or what makes them tick, the industry would not be worth several billions of dollars.  

Many sites are designed solely to ping other sites since it is such a good practice. I’ll include the sites that ping a lot of sites to let them know about your site and our page. You may use the following sites to ping your page or site: 

  • Pingomatic 
  • Blogflux 
  • Google 
  • King Ping 
  • Feedshark 
  • BlogBlip 
  • PinGates 
  • PingIn 
  • AutoPinger 
  • FeedBurner 

As I previously said, these ping sites really use other ping sites to ping your site. What I mean and what you’ll find is that when you enter your site and description, the site will use that information to ping somewhere between 5 and 50 other sites. 

This is one of the reasons I recommended just using one of these services as, in many situations, it pings your site more than once. 

Like blog sites, it’s simple to find sites to ping them with for indexing reasons. I’ve only included a few of them below that are well-known and well-respected. 

Techniques for Building Links for your Website – PPC Building Links for Your Website: A Dummies Guide in 2022

Techniques for Building Links for your Website – PPC

You pay the search engines a charge each time someone clicks on your advertisement and visits your site, which is known as pay-per-click (PPC). It’s a terrific approach to quickly have a new site indexed even though it’s not awesome for advertising. 

If you’ve used Google AdWords in the past several years, you know that clicks may easily cost a few bucks each. Clicks in the most competitive areas might cost several hundred dollars.  

I don’t see why someone would ever spend that much for a single click unless a huge company is involved. 

Although you only need one click on your ad for this little magic trick to work, it doesn’t really matter if you must spend, say, $5.00 for a click for the sake of indexing.  

If you haven’t already figured it out, I’ll explain how this works before providing a list of fantastic PPC sites. 

Imagine you are kicking upstairs while searching for “car insurance in Phoenix, Arizona.” Just to be clear, that example niche is a fantastic representation of a long tail term. It is direct and not general. Anyway, let me get back to my original point. 

You want to create a PPC campaign at any of the PPC sites below, or anywhere else. We don’t care about the quality of the visit, so feel free to offer as much or as little as you like. We simply need an outside source to come by. 

Watch the high quality link building campaign closely. Spending a few bucks to get a few clicks is acceptable if the keyword cost is low. Since you are receiving these clicks from the search result itself, the search engines believe they are of a high caliber and interest when they find them.  

Search engines lack the intelligence to understand what is happening. This exercise is completely lawful and legal in every way. 

Although it’s not the quickest method, it will index you considerably faster than simply setting up your site or page and waiting for indexing. In my personal experience, this method immediately relates to getting your site listed on the search engine result and just takes a few days at most. 

The search engine results aren’t treating you fairly as you said; they are only seeing someone searching for anything and then noting the appearance of your site. It is unaware of whether your site is included “by nature” or as part of a “pay for placement” arrangement. 

Remember how I told you that search engines favor popular sites? If someone finds you through a search, it will assume that your website is popular, giving you a tremendous advantage over the competition.  

In essence, and often, you may spend a few pennies to get indexed. For a few cents per click, let’s say $0.10 (10 cents; I know this happens occasionally, but bear with me), you could get one of the keywords you want to rank for, which would result in 100 visits to your site. 

Two things make this good. You have 100 genuine visitors to your site who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer and may even buy it, but you also have 100 visits to your site that the search engines will record. 

The search engines will consider your site to be rather popular if you merely put the page up and ran the PPC ad shortly after. Even if it’s popular on one site, it’s still a start, and the engines feed off, so who cares? 

The PPC sites listed below can be used to implement this strategy: 

  • Miva 
  • MSN 
  • Marchex 
  • Google 

There are a ton of pay-per-click sites and services, as with anything else on the internet. Make sure the PPC site is genuine by asking around, seeing what other people are using, and so on. 

Keep in mind that regular, undifferentiated visitors are the focus of this. While having customers that need what you’re offering is nice, what we really want is for the search engines to see that people are looking for you, finding you, and coming to your site. The struggle for popularity never ends. 

Techniques for Building Links for your Website – Social Bookmarking

Techniques for Building Links for your Website – Social Bookmarking

In comparison to SEO link building for dummies, which ultimately plays a significant part in becoming indexed or keeping your position with the search engine, social bookmarking’s creation and explosion are rather recent (s). 

Websites for social bookmarking are a type of online community. The ability to suggest and/or vote on websites proposed by other community members is granted to members of the SB (Social Bookmarking) websites. 

They function fundamentally as a search engine, but the websites that appear in its Index or directory are either hand-picked from many submissions or supported by other community members. 

Google search and most other major search engine results place SB sites on a wholly other level. 

They highly esteem and value the opinions expressed on or just listed on the SB websites. All you need is one high quality link from an SB site, and you’re golden in Google’s eyes since it pays attention to what the SB sites are doing in terms of the listings. 

Users (you) on social bookmarking websites can “tag” entries. In essence, tags serve as keywords for your contribution. For your SB submissions, you should try to use the same keywords that you did for your META tags. 

To get ranked quickly, all you need to do is submit your website to one or more social bookmarking websites. Nobody needs to vote for or support your website; all that is needed is for the SB site to find it, and very shortly after that, the search engines will do the same. 

Visit a few of the following social bookmarking submission websites: 

  • Propeller 
  • Digg 
  • Tagza 
  • Newsvine 
  • Swik 
  • Blinklist 
  • Mister-Wrong 
  • Backflip 

Therefore, visit the websites and submit your sites there, or use a free tool like Social Marker to submit your page to several SB websites simultaneously.  

To a degree, it helps to submit to more websites. Don’t go overboard, but if you submit to 5 or 10 sites, Google may give you 5 or 10 extra exposures. 

There is a really, extremely high likelihood that submitted sites will appear in Google’s Index or results page within a few hours, perhaps even sooner.  

Do not worry if your business does not appear in Google immediately. The fastest method, building links for your website from an already-indexed website with a high page rank, may occasionally take up to two days to get listed using this technique. 

Techniques for Building Links for your Website – Articles

Techniques for Building Links for your Website – Articles

Articles are another fantastic method for obtaining high quality backlinks to your site. Articles were a crucial part of getting indexed prior to the advent of social bookmarking, websites like Myspace, and blog sites. 

A few people overlook articles as a marketing and indexing source because of all the recent innovations on the internet. Perhaps you won’t succeed if all you want to do is market through articles, but that’s not what you’re doing. 

Our articles are intended for indexing. With a search engine, you’ll make money after you’re indexed and reach a much wider audience than you would with an article directory. 

So, you get two amazing things from articles. 

One benefit is traffic from readers of the articles, but much more importantly, having your page on an article website will directly result in you receiving the much-desired attention from the search engines. The benefits of articles can be obtained quite quickly. 

You will need to post your article to several of the article directory websites, just like you would with any other method of building links for your website. In a moment, I’ll provide a few fantastic websites where you may upload your articles, but first, allow me to explain how to write an excellent article. 

Like how your website needs a few key elements to succeed, your article needs a few key components in order to reap the benefits of articles.  

You may submit your own content to any website that accepts submissions and directories. Making sure the post is truly yours, or, if you “got ideas” from another article, making sure to completely recreate the piece in your own terms, is one of the most important things to remember. 

If you’re discussing the same topic, most articles are essentially duplicates of one another, but you may always add your own thoughts and opinions. Just like search engine results don’t like duplicate or cloned content, article sites also don’t like it, so be sure you’re uploading your original work. 

The “resource box” will be the next opportunity for you to profit from. The resource box is pretty much what it says it is. It is a small box found on the page where your article appears. This tiny container holds important information about you and your work. 

Your name must be mentioned in the great content. You are free to use a pen name or stage name; just be consistent with it. When many authors with the same name submit work, it lends an impression of authority or reputation. 

The URL of your website or webpage is also very important. Without this information, the entire great content is useless for SEO and indexing. Write endlessly and aimlessly if that’s what you want to do, but I like to get something in return for my labor. 

Additionally, you’ll need to “pitch” your product in the resource box. It’s a short, powerfully to-the-point summary of what you’re offering—just one to three sentences. 

What makes your essay worth reading, exactly? Therefore, you must reassure them, and you do so in the resource box. 

Any article or resource box would benefit greatly from a call to action. The resource box, rather than the actual content, is where most marketing is done. Just something you must have, the article. 

What’s in the resource box is basically the main concept and aim of the great content. It will have your name, URL, pitch, and call to action, as I just said. Make your call to action stand out if you’re blogging about dog food and selling it to encourage readers to visit your website. 

Even if you don’t receive a visit, your website will still be indexed by Google and other search engines thanks to the external link on a highly rated page. 

All these methods up to this point are more a means of having your external link removed and connected to a website that is already one of Google’s favorites than a means of getting direct traffic. You 

 can start by writing a brief, 400-word article that gets right to the point and submit it to a few of the article directories listed below. 

  • Ezine Articles 
  • Go Articles 
  • Articles Dashboard 
  • Articles Biz 
  • Articles Alley 
  • Forums 

Numerous people frequent and use forums often. More importantly, the most trustworthy, well-known forums have existed for a while. Google appreciates websites that have been indexed for a while and have been there for more than a few weeks or months. 

There are forums available for almost any subject. You may find forums for everyone from xylophone enthusiasts to animal lovers if you do a search. You should look for a forum with a few thousand users that is simple to find in the search engines. 

Forums are among the last and most specialized forms of advertising. Although there may be forums on popular social networking and bookmarking sites like MySpace and Digg, there is never a simple forum. 

For forum posting, there are continuously new themes or in-depth subjects. This is a great way of building links for your website from a website related to your topic. Additionally, relevance plays a role in ranking your website in the SERP. 

If users are interested in your page, search engines will likely be interested in it as well. Google and the other SEs are probably unaware that you really wrote the forum post with the URL if it is in your key signature. 

On a related topic, you should refrain from posting an internal link within the message. Do a few posts instead, but don’t forget to put a link to your website in your signature. Every time you publish, this internal link will reciprocally show up. 

Be careful not to post too often or to just make posts at random to share your high quality link. Although the BBSs themselves worry about this, the SEs don’t really.  

If they block your account or IP address before you are indexed, it is just a waste of time, and you risk losing the opportunity to benefit from the influence of BBS postings. 

I won’t spend your time with a list of forums because there are millions of forums online. Searching Google and entering the word “forum” followed by a “+” and the niche or topic you want to find a forum for are awesome ways to find a forum for a specific niche. 

Techniques for Building Links for your Website – Press Release Building Links for Your Website: A Dummies Guide in 2022

Techniques for Building Links for your Website – Press Release

In addition to the methods mentioned above, using a press release is another excellent strategy for creating backlinks for your website from a trustworthy website in Google’s eyes. 

A press release is a fantastic method to gain some real traffic in addition to being a pleasant and easy way of building links for your website that will earn you a quality indexing job by the search engines. 

Having a press release not too long ago usually meant that you had a publicist and/or that you were someone who people would be interested in right now. People are huge news fans. People are naturally quite gossipy. 

You guessed it—news show networks—are the largest television and radio networks in the world. NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox, etc. The traditional media era is, and has been, on the decline. 

Of course, people continue to read the news and watch television news. There are millions of people who never use the internet. The number of people who use the internet, however, is higher than the number of people who don’t. 

Whether or not they use the internet as a source of news, it will still promote you and/or get you indexed quite quickly. 

It just takes a few people to read your press release until everyone, both online and offline, is aware of whatever it is that you want them to know. Why shouldn’t people be talking about you? There is no rationale. 

For instance, a band nowadays may write their own press release and make an online introduction to the world. But things weren’t always like that. The Beetles didn’t simply visit a website, fill out a form, and overnight become well-known. Simply put, if it weren’t for the 1960s, they might have. 

With the internet developing, breaking news no longer requires deep funds, connections in high places, or much more than a PC with internet connectivity. You can quickly spread information about yourself, your goods or services, or really anything else you choose over the whole internet. 

However, the need for a professional author and publicist has disappeared. Press releases are only a form of self-promotion. My goal in this situation wasn’t to write press releases. Advertising is what I mean by the purpose of every press release. 

The goal of a press release is to draw attention to a person, place, or object; you just do it in the third person and give it a little personality. It’s not as simple as saying, “Visit This Site and Purchase.” 

In order to try and eventually sell them something, you need their attention. Press releases published online can and often result in high quality backlinks, but they are also one of the rare situations that may allow you to be indexed and receive some genuine traffic, making them a win-win situation. 

You might be put off by the whole press release thing simply because it holds the word press. 

A press release may now be created by anybody who can write a few phrases or paragraphs and be read and acted upon by millions of people. 

There are a few free PR sites that will still perform a fantastic job, but many press release website owners charge a little fee to use the service. Remember that a PR site will index and draw attention to you constantly. 

These PR websites are a great resource for learning from and reviewing other press releases before submitting your own: 

  • PR Web 
  • Free Press Release 
  • PR Free 
  • Press Release  
  • 24/7 Press Release 


The need for success is no longer only having a website, you need to do some extra things like building links for your website. Today, having a fantastic website is no longer enough; you also need people to see it and the ability to compete with everyone else doing what you do.  

There are several people searching for and providing information in this numbers pool. 

Dominating the search engines is not always easy, but if you can only get a little attention from them today, more and more attention will follow, and that may only result in one thing. Traffic.  

Targeted traffic as opposed to merely random traffic. There is no more traffic than “natural” or “organic” traffic, to the best of my understanding. 

Try to stand out to dominate the SERP. Just consider how likely it is that you had no idea what SEO, SERP, or any other term I mentioned in this quality content meant. However, just having this knowledge has made you a much better online marketer. 

It is up to you to get out there, get your sites and pages indexed, and become an SEO expert. 

Maybe not a GURU, but at least you can enlist Google and the other Search Engines in your team and delegate all the work to them.