Earn money as a designer 2022 (Tips)

How Can I Make Money from Home?

From 2014 to 2021, the online business increases at a breakneck pace, specially on COVID – 19, allowing buyers and sellers to conduct business entirely online. It also creates a great demand for workers and the types of jobs. Try to remember years between 2005 – 2010, type of jobs such as web designer, tutors and so on. Most of the people hired to work in a building with a team. Right now we see opposite. 

Online business grows so fast, so that each people create own income stream from home such as YouTube, Instagram, Blogging and so on. (More Data) 

Moreover, United kingdom browse employers an opportunity for online position in 2020. It found that %63 percent responded between age 16 and 24. (More Data)

Russian research shows that one-quarter of Russians who take online course, marketing in 2019 the revenue estimated as 2.7 billion rubles the highest revenue in online B2C in Russian.(More Data)

The China research estimate to generate revenue around 14.8 billion yuan in online recruiting market in 2023.  The reason is more companies will search talents from various channels and it will grow online recruiting market. (More Data)

How to Earn Money While Sitting at Home?

DesignCrowd is the freelance design website job where you can earn a lot of money. Follow the easiest steps for getting earning money.

DesingCrowd Overview

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Graphic Designers
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How much can be earned?

The website platform allows you create projects and based on categories of work a free is providedDesignCrowd retains %15 of all budget.

Here is type of categories, choose one and start earn money.

  1. Logo and Identity

  2. Web Design

  3. Outdoor and Signage

  4. Product & Merchandize

  5. Graphic Design

  6. Digital Marketing

  7. Print Design

  8. Art & Illustration

How does DesignCrowd work ?

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