How To Be Monetized on YouTube 2022 (Key Tips and Bonuses)

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Today we are going to cover the main question that most YouTube beginners ask is How to be monetized on YouTube? YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform and it helps to earn and make some extra income. For most YouTubers is the passive income stream platform. I prepare topics that are mostly searched in Google Search Engine.

  •  Higher paid YouTube in 2021 
  • How to earn money with YouTube 
  • What are the requirements to be monetized on YouTube 

Top 10 YouTube Statistics

YouTube is the video-sharing platform owned by Google and launched in 2005. YouTube statistics show:

  1. Over 2 Billion users
  2. %42.9 of all global population use YouTube
  3. India users around 225 million, and the United States has 197 million
  4. Mostly popular between ages 15-35
  5. Globally, women more use YouTube than men
  6. Top biggest viewers, The United Kingdom
  7. YouTube ad revenue over 7 billion
  8. Individual creators receive between 3-5 dollars per 1000 views 
  9. %96.9 of YouTube Channel have less than 10000 subscribers
  10. More than a billion hours are consumed in YouTube every single day

How to become a member on YouTube

It is easy to join a YouTube channel without paying anything. If you want to create a simple YouTube channel follow the steps below:

How To be monetized on Youtube - Steps Mentorsblog
  • Go To YouTube
  • In the top right you will see SING IN
  • Click to create Account
  • Choose options (myself or business)
  • Follow the steps choose the name for account upload photo

It is easy than you thing …

What are the requirement to be monetized on YouTube 2022

Monetize meant to earn money from YouTube clips. Simple, after reaching the criteria you will join to YouTube Partner Program. 

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How to become a YouTube partner?

I will give you an overview of the requirements

  • At least 1000 subscribers
  • 4000 public watch hours over the last 12 months
  • Linked Adsense account

After reaching all requirements you will start earning money even at home. This is the best way to make money online in 2021.

*Please also check YouTube monetization policies for more information and guideline

How much does a YouTube's make?

The amount of money that YouTubers make depends on several things like viewers, watch time subscribers. So I can tell for sure that YouTubers make the exact amount of money. Here are the top higher-paid YouTube 2021:

  1. Jeffree Star – 200 million
  2. Ryan’s World – 50 million
  3. PewDiewPie – 40 million
  4. Markiplier – 35 million
  5. DanTDM – 35 million
  6. Rhett & Link – 32 million

*Here is a bonus for learning approximately amount of YouTube channels make each month

Top 5 Popular YouTube channel category list

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Popular Categories on YouTube Channel:

  • Comedy
  • Beauty
  • Gaming
  • Tech
  • Family

How To become real YouTuber 2022 

So you want to be known as YouTuber, do ya?

Well, I am so glad to give you some many advice. So Let’s start with my favorite Youtuber.

  • Consistency of Making Videos

Professionally making videos needs time and more practice. If you each time find something new to edit on the video, it means you make progress. So let’s make simple math. Suppose you will make a video per week. In math, it makes 4 videos. In a year it makes 48 videos. It means 48 different video editing styles in a year. So each time you will make huge progress.

  • Stop Comparing

There always be a channel with more subscribers or better video editing. But it does not mean that you will not be YouTuber in the future. Yes, it makes you jealous, breaks your inspiration, and stops you to publish videos. It is your choice to be a YouTuber after a while or someone who will inspire them. Remember, you have the passion and will to produce a very popular video. Those YouTubers with more than 1 million subscribers stop producing something new because ideas are limited. 

  • Study Competitors

Everything starts with content. Simple rule for you: The best content = more audience = more subscribers. Study your competitors to make your video better. A least rival video gives you an idea of what the audience is searching for and what they like. It is important to be creative all the time, and find what content is missing in competitor videos. Simply, ask yourself why you are following or watching your favorite YouTube channel. Make a brainstorming map and create your own content.

  • Add SEO to your videos

It is important to add SEO to your videos. The best YouTube channel has the best SEO tool to improve its ranking on the YouTube list. What I mean is when your search for something on YouTube. The first videos that come on the list have the best SEO tool. Basically, add keywords, Titles, and good descriptions for your videos.

  • Don’t pay attention to negative comments

Negative comments make you feel very upset about videos. Do not let it happens. Even very popular videos have negative comments. But it does not make YouTube close the channel. Keep your passion and your work at a higher level. Do not let someone break your passion.

  • Be Social

Community is the main goal what YouTubers are focusing on. So go find communities, and make friends. To find the channel on Facebook or other social platforms. communicate with them, leave comments, share information, and like them too. Again simple rule for you.

Good social communication = More Subscribers 

  • Don’t need the right equipment

It does not matter if you have professional equipment or not. People watch for fun or for information. Most YouTubers do not even show face but still make a lot of money. Simple, share music on your YouTube channel and you will get a lot of subscribers. Passion is key to success on YouTube. After a while, most of the beginners on YouTube close their channels. It is all about you and it will always be about that passion inside of you. Think about the most popular man or woman.  How did they become popular? 

  • You know You Are My Best Youtuber

Tips for YouTube Video 2022

There is 3 type of YouTube channels in 2021. They make a lot of money. Do not forget YouTubers do not mean to talk in front of a camera. I will give 3 different channels with a lot of subscribers.

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Darrel Wilson 297k Subscribers

Monthly Earning: 137 – 2.2k Popular YouTuber Channel. He talks in front of camera and makes money 2021.

Soothing Relaxation 8.44M Subscribers

Monthly Earning 17.2k – 275k Popular YouTube Channel. Make money by sharing very relaxing music.

Other Level’s 15k Subscribers

Monthly Earning: 455 – 7.3k Popular YouTube Channel. Does not talk, use software.

*So here is the big advice for you. Start a Channel, Do not listen to your inner voice. You will be a Popular Youtuber. 

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