6 Hilarious Tweets About How to Find Your Passion

6 Hilarious Tweets About How Find Your Passion in Life

If you don’t care about anything and you do not how to find your passion in life, you’ll never get rich or achieve your goals. You need desire to succeed in everything you do, no matter how basic or complex it is.

Let see the importance of passion and the various shapes of that we should take in order to guide our life in the proper path, i.e. toward phenomenal success.

Top 10 Topics About How to Find your Passion in Life
  1. Basics of Passion
  2. True Passion
  3. Bring Back Passion
  4. Passion #1 – Curiosity
  5. Passion #2 – Challenge
  6. Passion #3 – Legacy
  7. Passion #4 – Belief
  8. Passion #5 – Altruism
  9. Passion #6 – Epiphany
Basics of Passion

Basics of Passion

You have good job 9-5, good family and everything look perfect for you. However, you have a feeling that this life is going nowhere. The work isn’t getting any better either. You stuck in one place as career, mentally, emotionally and you feel that something is missing in your life.

Think about it. What sort of employment would I choose if I had a million dollars? Would I quit my pointless job in favor of something more exciting? Ask yourself the right question – Do you satisfied with life? Do you happy enough?

Be honest with yourself. Do you afraid of being judged by peers, or do like to stay on comfort zone?

Millions of individuals lost their employment as a result of the 2008. Many of them began new careers and discovered that they were finally living their dreams. Many of them have achieved great success in their new careers.

Do you want to achieve your goal? How to find your passion to achieve it?

Do not need to wait for extreme situation to shake you out from current situation. You can decide right now to live life with passion or to stay and except it as it is. Prepare to have the time of your life!

True Passion

True Passion

So, you’ve made the decision to leave behind the depressing routine of your current employment. You want to live a full passionate life to do whatever you want. So, what is the best way to figure out what your true passion is? Or How to find your passion in life?

How do you tell the difference between illusions and reality? You can be obsessed with becoming rich man in the world, winning the lotto, or governing the entire planet.

There have been persons who have both dreamed and achieved their goals. Alexander the Great controlled over nearly the whole known universe. But, the more important thing is how to find your passion in life?

Top 3 Steps to Discover your True Passion
  1. Understand your body language. How does your body react to current job? Do you have panic attack on regular basis? Are you so tired of being bored that you fall asleep at your desk? When it’s time for a break, do you constantly checking the time? Then it is not your job. You have lack of passion to do current job and do not how to find your passion. When you do a job or any task that a boss tells you with passion, you will not feel any bad feeling. The passion will lead you to do some more and more.
  2. What were your favorite activities as a kid? Your early passions and hobbies may reflect a real love for something. We frequently run away from our actual calling because of educational and familial expectations. Did you love painting, hiking? Then may be you want to work in travel industry or teaching some classes! So, take a sit and write down all the memories about your childhood. What makes you really happy and passionate about it.
  3. What do you enjoy doing as an adult? You can even have some passions now. Do you love to work at moonlight job or regular job? Start to spend a time with your pet like going outside, playing with your pet. It really bring your back to real happy you.
Bring Back Passion

Bring Back Passion

How to find your passion and bring it back?

To find true passion you need to take some actions. Changing your job with another one which will best fit for your abilities can help you to find passion. However, you may discover that you enjoy your current work but aren’t very interested about it.

You may analyze your position and make a few modifications to recreate the enthusiasm you had when you first began working.

Visualize yourself putting your heart and soul into your task. What would be your feelings if you were in that situation? A clear vision of the future, complete control and authority over your job, a healthy physique, and a positive mindset! Then use it to bring back your passion.

Analyze whether you prefer to work in a group in the field or alone at a desk. Do you logical or creative minded? Do you like to work with numbers or some designs? Get the best fit for you. Ask you boss for best fit department based on your skills.

Spend at least 30 minutes for yourself to exercise your body. Allow your body to get adrenaline. Try to have healthy life by eating healthy food and drinking water. Create balance between your spiritual and physical through meditation. Your refresh body will return passion in your life.

Take some new courses based on your field to learn something new. Take some breaks to travel and see some new things around the world. Also, take some other courses that might interest you. New thing or knowledge can open new doors for new life where you can feel yourself happy than ever.

It takes time to develop a passion for anything. If you put some efforts in new things, you will gradually observe an increase in your excitement. You will find a fire that push you or motivate you and your team to do some exciting thing.

You will recharge your life again and the passion will help you to get joy from your life.



What motivates those who are passionate about their profession to put in so much effort? What sources of energy do they have? How to find your passion and energy to achieve goals? Passion may be sparked by a variety of circumstances.

How to find your passion though curiosity? Does it play a role in finding your passion?

Curiosity is the most powerful trigger of a human kind. Why is it happening? What is it raining? People love to ask question and learn some exciting things.

How to find your passion if you are not even curious about it?

Look at the discoveries that humanity made. If the passion does not drive them they will not learn some new stuff. It is an unstoppable energy that want to find a solution or answers for questions.

Thomas Alva Edison experimented with dozens of different electric light bulb designs before he found one that worked. Curie family devoted their entire lives trying to figure out how radioactivity works.

All the great discoverers like Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Roald Amundsen, and others drive by main source that all of us have is curiosity.

Success stories start from emptiness. As an employee you may not have knowledge on a specific field but you have a curiosity to learn and master that field. You spend a lot of time to mastering that field and from that point you become master or even guru. Isn`t it fabulous!

So, step out from your comfort zone and go to unknown zone. May be you will discover yourself or something where your name will be written on it.



How to find your passion though challenges? Does it play a role in finding your passion?

A challenge can come from a person or external factors. A challenge from a person can occur as a result of adversity such as poverty or hardship. Thousands of years rich stories told us. Even some big come owner tells us that success comes from humble and force of passion.

How to find your passion to succeed or win the competition?

Family status and society can challenge you too. A son that have business from his father want to expand it, create something bigger to show that he has own abilities and he deserve it. However, in many traditional society companies, they have directors who rule the company many centuries.

The competition of companies is the act of challenge of work teams. Think about two companies that both try to sale their product and service to audience. They both try to dominate their passion in the market.

Companies like Pepsi and Coca Cola, Apple and Samsung, Mercedes Benz and BMW, Nike and Adidas. Their passionate competition challenging both side to make more sale by pursuing that they have better product that rival.

The set of goals and ideas of a company put a passion inside each employee to get great output.

The challenge can be everywhere, even close to your home. The wife can help a man to get success by providing help and motivation. We all need motivation to buy new house, car, cell phone and son on. All of these requirements serve as both obstacles and rewards for our efforts.

It is up to each person to decide what tasks he or she wants to take on, and then, as Nike’s slogan goes, “Just do it!” You’ll be pushed forward by your inherent challenge instinct.



When you’re young, your motive for working and living is to earn more money, improve your level of life, and have a nice time in general. However, as you become older, your priorities shift. You’re looking for something more satisfying.

You want to accomplish goals for which you will be recognized. As you get older, a sense of urgency develops. And your drive stems from a desire to create a lasting impression.

So, Here is the question in your mind of how you find your passion with heritage?

It’s possible that your effort will leave a legacy in the shape of social change. It might even be in a company or organization that you started. Many wealthy businesses establish foundations and trusts to support noble causes.

As a result, they strive to ensure that their name or family name is passed down to future generations. An innovation, a new procedure, or a unique product can all help to immortalize the creator’s name in history.

Temporal enjoyment and little rewards are insufficient for someone operating at this level. His or her desire aspires to higher things. The high goal leads to high passion.

Mahatma Gandhi and Che Guevara, for example, spent their entire lives fighting for the independence of their nations. Their objectives spanned the lives of millions of people in their own nation.

What are your plans for leaving a legacy? What is it about which you are particularly passionate? Make a list of your most intense feelings and concerns. They might even be located outside of your current job location. Begin addressing those concerns.

If you need to learn new abilities, then do it. Keep in mind, all great leader men or women who leave behind a legacy were simple men and women like you and me, but they had a passion to belief in their dreams.



One of the most important part of how to find your passion is belief. Religion has become increasingly important in the lives of millions of people. Priests, sadhus, and mullahs have all been known to do extraordinary acts of charity. Their religious ideas and trust in God are the rocket fuel that propels them forward in life.

The word evangelical fervor refers to a religious zeal motivated by a belief in God and a desire to persuade others to adopt your beliefs. This zeal has led to the exploration of new territories, the outbreak of several holy wars, and the transformation of whole demography and civilizations.

Oriental martial artists undergo extensive training to become into lean, nasty human combat machines. The stringent regulations of their specialized martial art have resulted in their harsh discipline.

Their unwavering commitment to this credo, as well as their unwavering confidence in the mentor or sensei, transforms their lives into impassioned experiences that are not for the faint of heart.

The similar tendency may be seen in modern sports with athletes and coaches. A passionate coach can motivate his squad to give their best effort. If the a team does not believe to coach, then they will fail in the game.

The faith of a sportsman and trainer is important aspect to win a game.

Which one of them help you to drive passion? God? Boss? Trainer? Find it out.



Altruism is described as “selfless concern about well-being of others”. So, How to find your passion with altruism? Or How can altruism become a driving force of passion? Millions of jobs have been lost as a result of the recession. any of these individuals have volunteered for social or environmental projects.

Many of them have learned that this altruistic labor provides them with more happiness than any high paying job. Their focus has turned away from physical well-being and toward spiritual well-being.

An aggressive materialistic culture has frequently insulted the notion of altruistic work. Social workers also known as “do-gooders”. After so many year people start to create charity foundations social programs to help others.

Take a look for big companies, most of them spend million to a charity or social programs.

In the early years, greater passions directed toward material achievement often override altruistic ideas, but as we get older, altruistic thoughts revive and become a core passion for most of us. We can say that due to the fact that rich people start to remember not their money, but the serving to humanity.

There has never been a volunteer or social worker who has gone hungry. While there are no millions to make in unselfish devotion to the less fortunate, the blessings of spiritual contentment are immeasurable.

A successful of Not for Profit Organization might benefit from the same enthusiasm that drives a successful business. All of your abilities may be put to good use in these noble activities, and your enthusiasm will skyrocket.



Epiphany describes as “perception of a reality by a sudden intuitive realization”. It is a moment in your life that a sudden idea or thought change your life forever. So, How to find your passion though Epiphany? The Epiphany can be triggered by long time passion.

Many great men’s lives are changed forever by such an event. Someone may have said something offensive to you. It might be the sight of another person in pain. It might be a sudden awareness that you dislike your current career, prompting you to consider what you truly want to accomplish with your life.

An epiphany can often be triggered by a traumatic experience, such as the death of a family member or a global crisis. When you start to think out of a box. You have a good view of everything around you and far away from you.

Do not wait until epiphany will come to you. Read, listen motivational music, travel around the world, meet with people and learn new things.

Many great people experiencing epiphany all the time. So, make a move for great happiness.


It’s fantastic to become captivated with your job and to create a lovely route at work. But do not let anything to damage your passion in your home.

A passionate lasting relationship with your wife or husband might also benefit your professional life.

Sex with you loving wife make your body happy and relaxed. Even your loving children help you to have great day ever.

If a man excels in all of his duties – as a worker, a son, a spouse, a parent – he will genuinely admired. All of these responsibilities need time and dedication. When you learn how to find your passion in life, you will have happiness in each minute of your day.

Spending thousands of hours of obsessive additional time at work might have a negative impact on your health and family relationships. Refuse to attend son`s school or not happy with you child in football match can damage your relationship.

Passion is not about making a huge party in your home. Also, it is not about giving your money your wife or buying a good bike to your son. Passion is about you your time, effort and soul with people that you love.

It is all about to transfer your passion to your wife, children and people around you. I hope you know now how to find your passion in a life.