How to Improve Google Ranking in 2022

How to improve google ranking? here are the main tips that you should focus on to increase basic SEO: Search for long-tail keywords with low competition, Onsite optimizati0n, offsite optimization, and technical issues of the website. 

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Easy step to improve Google Ranking in 2022, Simple blueprint of topic.
  • SEO in Marketing
  • What is the SEO?
  • How to Search Keywords
  • SEO Deep Understanding
  • Onsite Optimization of SEO
  • Offsite Optimization of SEO
  • SEO Advance Tips
  • Mistakes To Avoid
  • Increase Ranking on Google
  • Sneaky “Legal” Tricks for SEO Rank
  • Passive Traffic
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SEO in Marketing

Any business that wants to succeed needs to have a lot of traffic. An internet business, like a mortar store and so on, needs consumers to offer them value.

Many beginners have many problems with financial resources or they do not know how to attract a large amount of traffic to their business.

In the early internet marketing years, a group of people comes up with ideas such as “SEO in Marketing” which means free traffic production.

Let’s deeply see and cover all the points which help you to improve your ranking on Google.

What is the seo mentorsblog

What is the SEO

Let’s start with the basic question what is SEO? Most of you already know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a method to increase FREE traffic to a website or online business. This super FREE strategy was created by marketers around the world to increase SEO rank.

The most important part of SEO is the ability to create FREE passive traffic for online businesses. It looks like the best option for beginners to increase their ranking on google with no budget.

Google is the best search engine with millions of searches on daily basis. It is the best place to make money.

Typically, SEO helps rank a page on Google. Pages with high SEO rank, have high traffic and social engagement. The competitiveness arises in particular search terms. The low competition the high SEO rank.

Getting a website on the first page of Google means high traffic, which may be more money and popularity. Here is the simple answer to the question of how to improve google’s ranking? 

Find the searching keywords with a high volume of search and low competition and implement them. Your goal is to increase your ranking on google and get more traffic.

For example. Open Google Keywords Planner. Write your topic on the search bar. See all the data that Google Keywords Planner is providing for you.

Find keywords with high volume (Minimum 1K – 10K) and low competition. Find several keywords which suitable for your topic. Then implement it.

Well organize SEO can easily be found on Google’s search engine. Those websites or business organizations with good SEO rank can benefit from free traffic from Google.

Some marketers look for hiring an expert on improving their ranking on google. Those experts optimize every piece of content on the website to increase traffic and ranking on google.

Example: Facebook googles rank number 10, which means highly search keywords in the searching engine. No one can compete with Facebook because of SEO-implementing tools. 

To sum up, SEO is the best tool to improve google’s ranking for free. It is a tool that can be easily learned and implemented in your online business.

how to search keywords mentorsblog

How to Search Keywords

Keywords search plays an important role in SEO ranking on Google.

You need to find keywords or keywords phrases that most search on google with your niche. Your goal is to target them with your content.

In this way, most of the traffic with searching terms will lead to your website or online business platform. The best place to search keywords or keyword phrases is Google Keywords Planner.

Do not forget to implement winning strategy keywords or keywords phrase:

  1. High Search Volume
  2. Low Competition

Generally, a beginner starts to aim search volume of 1k – 10k organic search in a day. It is a good range to rank at top of google search.

Find your niche and keywords volume, then look for competition status. There will be Four option

SEO  Keywords Competition Status:

  1. High
  2. Medium
  3. Low
  4. Blank

Choose an option with Low competition. It is an important rule for a beginner to aim niche which has High volume and Low competition. The less competitor equals high traffic.

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seo deep understandings mentorsblog

SEO Deep Understanding

As I answered to question What is SEO? Let me make it more clear again. It is a tool to get your business or website on top of the Google search so that, all the traffic on your niche will come to your website.

Two types of optimization:

  • Onsite optimization
  • Offsite optimization

Onsite optimization is responsible for changes or modifications that you directly apply to your own website to make content relevant to Google.

Offsite optimization deals with interaction with your website outside. In simple words, the interaction of content without your control with others such as backlinks, social networks, and so on.

SEO unlimitedly involves processes in Google search. Because people always millions of times search for something on Google. And SEO helps to get relevant results from the search.

Google company is a smart company. And they have a team that helps people who search for something find results and block all the spam.

“Back hat SEO” is the people who use SEO in the wrong way. Anyway, let’s go deep and find out more about how to improve google’s ranking.

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Onsite Optimization of SEO

As I told you before, Onsite optimization deals with content that you can edit, delete or change on your website to make ranking on google easier.

Keywords are the main tool in SEO keep it in your mind. Every page or content on your website should have about 2-5% keyword density.

Keep in that range but never overdo it.

%100 Onsite optimization, keywords or keywords phrase should be on the title of content or post, the first sentence at the beginning and middle body at least one time.

Keywords or keywords phrases should be bold or italicized. Do not forget to apply links to the content.

Link on content that is relevant to your topic will help SEO recognize and understand your topic niche. Links are highly recommended.

One more thing is images also help with SEO. Give images alternate text or description. Post it on your website. It will affect your SEO rank positively.

Apply all the steps that I mentioned earlier and your traffic increase dramatically.

Offsite Optimization of SEO

Offsite optimization deals with things that are not under your control which also contributes to SEO. One of the main tools is backlinks to your content.

A backlink is the main tool for offsite optimization.

Typically, if a website with content link to another website with the same content. A website with high traffic can easily increase your website traffic too.

The key point here is to get more backlinks that are relevant to your content and help SEO improve your free traffic.

Here is a question, If we exchange links with competitors’ websites does it really work?

Well, it is up to you. But ask yourself does someone will put your link to his content with high traffic volume? Well, for free not.

Another main component of Off-site optimization is social interaction. Google implements a new algorithm that helps SEO to rank on top pages. Like sharing posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

The simple rule is to get in touch with the World and increase your traffic.

advance seo tips mentorsblog

Advance SEO Tips

We cover all SEO basics, let’s take a look for some tips to boost your ranking on google.

Tagging and Organizing

Most of you are familiar with those words. Tagging and organizing a blog post can help readers and Google understand what is about your content.

And it will help SEO to rank on top pages.

Relevant Plugins

Plugins help SEO to understand your content and help users to navigate through your blog pages.

It is a great tool but too many plugins will affect on website performance. Be aware of that.

Different Language

Many languages mean a new audience and better SEO. Think generally, How many people use other languages? If you take even a small piece of it. It will be better for you and your business.

Mini SiteMap

Help Google to navigate your content and create many mini links.

mistake to avoid mentorsblog

Basic Mistakes to Avoid

For creating enormous passive traffic, SEO marketing can be a very effective approach. However, if you utilize it wrong, you’ll cause more harm than good. Here are a few SEO marketing blunders to avoid at all costs:

Top Six SEO Mistakes to Avoid:

  1. Using too many keywords can be harmful. If you use too many keywords in your content, it will be considered spam.
  2. Experimenting with “Black hat SEO” methods. These methods are unethical and can result in you being banned or “Google Slapped,” meaning you will never achieve a good ranking.
  3. Bad website coding. If you build your own website and mess up the coding, Google crawlers won’t be able to read it properly, which can affect your ranks.
  4. Too Many Backlinks. Backlinks are crucial, but if you gain a lot of meaningless backlinks from irrelevant spamming sites or employ “link-building software”. Your website will not rank.
  5. No Social Interaction. The world has become increasingly interconnected, and Google has recognized this by rewarding workers that incorporate social connections into their work. If you want strong SEO, get people to interact with you through blog comments, social sharing, and other means. Be social with the world.
  6. Little Content. Before your website is considerably found on Google, you typically need at least 100 blog entries. It is a time to get more information about niche or content.

In summary, following proper SEO techniques and avoiding foolish mistakes are the keys to SEO marketing success. Don’t forget that content is key to the best SEO ranking.

tips and bonuses mentorsblog

Increase Ranking on Google (Tips and Samples)

Keyword phrases are words that people look for in a given niche. A keyword could be anything like “dog training,” for example (2 keywords).

A keyword phrase is a brief phrase that includes the terms you’re looking for, such as “dog house training.”

Essentially, you want to target these high-volume keywords and key phrases and include them regularly in your blog posts or articles.

You must strike the correct keyword density balance. The search engines will consider your website spam if it contains too many terms. To be safe, try to keep density between 2-5%.

In general, Google favors pages with a lot of high-quality backlinks, a lot of traffic, and social interactions like blog comments.

“Authority sites” are the term for these types of websites. Your job is to use effective SEO strategies to turn your website into an authority site.

Writing advice – As a general guideline, your keyword should appear in the title and the first paragraph of the body. Make the keyword or key phrase you’re targeting bold or italicized whenever possible.

Finally, because Google’s spider crawlers are getting smarter at detecting what’s fluff and what’s not, you should fill your website with strong, relevant material.

Adopt these SEO best practices, and you’ll get tons of traffic.

Sneaky “Legal” Tricks for SEO Rank

You should make an effort to network with other marketers. Networking with other marketers in similar categories, such as stopping and asking for a link exchange, is the quickest way to ignite your SEO juice.

You might even offer to pay a certain fee to have your link included on their website’s home page.

Getting backlinks from Twitter — Google has declared that Twitter would now be considered a trustworthy source of backlinks.

More people talking about your website on the internet, the more SEO happy juice you’ll get.

Image Optimization. Some argue that images don’t help with SEO since Google spiders can’t read them.

I say nonsense – you can optimize your photographs by adding captions, alternative text, and descriptions, as well as using keywords.

Organize, organize, and organize some more! If you’ve ever used a blogging site like Blogger or WordPress, you’ll know that you can classify and “tag” your entries.

These are excellent for increasing your SEO juice, so make sure your online material is organized appropriately.

Encourage your readers to comment on your blog. Now, social connections are a big aspect of SEO rank.

Google has a new notion called “+1” same as Facebook’s “Likes,” which is another kind of social connection.

In conclusion, follow these simple guideline and you will see how your website change  SEO ranking on Google search.

When you follow all SEO strategies, you can expect a consistent stream of free visitors.

Passive Traffic

The process of increasing traffic through SEO marketing is long-term, and you’ll need to continually publish high-quality online content that meets standards and is current with relevant information.

So, how can one use SEO to create passive traffic? There are several options. You may consider. For example, engage a ghostwriter to submit articles on your behalf.

This removes you from the equation, allowing you to devote more time to your company’s marketing efforts.

You may also pay to get your blog entries published on other people’s websites or in directories. Having your featured content placed in front of the website is a faster strategy to increase traffic.

Another option is to hire an SEO specialist to improve your website’s content so that SEO will bring in long-term, consistent passive traffic.

Finally, you may think about teaming up with someone. That someone will handle the SEO while you concentrate on the other areas of your business, such as product development and marketing.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to do everything by yourself.


Traffic creation is a time-consuming task, but it can be pleasurable if you have a desire to learn and share with your audience.

SEO marketing is a terrific approach for small businesses on a tight budget to get their specialized business off the ground.

A savvy marketer understands how to make use of a variety of traffic creation methods.

You could wish to spend some of the money you make from your passive SEO traffic on some paid traffic strategies to boost your traffic and revenues.

Finally, try removing yourself from the equation so that you may earn a passive income without having to work.