How to Make Money on Udemy Selling Courses Online 2022

How to make money on udemy

How to make money on Udemy selling courses online? Anyone may supply online training through this fully featured community on a single online course platform. It makes teaching extremely profitable and online learning enjoyable.

Here are the tips on how to make money on Udemy selling courses online: choose the topic that you are passionate about, create a catchy title and quality content, then start marketing.  

Before we get started on the straightforward methods you may use to make a full-time income using Udemy. 

Here are a few facts about Udemy. 

  • Since its original launch in 2010, Udemy has grown to become one of the most popular online learning resources available today. 
  • With Udemy, you may develop a loyal following while gaining ability in your chosen subject. Because Udemy instructors are so well-known, having your own online course will give you instant credibility. 
  • If you want to learn a certain skill, you may sign up with Udemy as a participant. If you want to earn money online, you can sign up as a teacher. The best part is that you get to keep 70% of the money your online course makes! 

In this special study, I’ll explain how to use Udemy to generate continuing, regular FREE high-quality traffic to your website while earning up to six figures a year or more. 

Building a brand image in your field while earning money online has never been simpler. 

How to Make Money on Udemy 2022

How to Make Money on Udemy Selling Courses Online?

What if you had the chance to earn money just by sharing knowledge with others? You can do just that using Udemy! 

The best thing how to make money on Udemy selling courses online is to develop your own multiple courses without having any professional training as a teacher, professor, or educator. 

You may start generating revenue with Udemy at once and for no expense at all if you have the ability that others are ready to pay for. 

You have the chance to share what you love, be paid for it, and teach what you are most passionate about thanks to Udemy. Think about the many subjects that you are very knowledgeable about, that you are most passionate about, and that others could find valuable. 

Hot Topics Udemy

  • Are you an expert PHP programmer? 
  • Do you have any experience changing WordPress themes? 
  • Do you have any relevant website-building experience? 
  • Do you have extensive knowledge in ANY certain area of business? 
  • Do you have a hobby that you are completely devoted to? 

Most likely, we can all find a subject that is instructive and about which we have sufficient knowledge to impart knowledge.  

You’d be astonished at how many unique courses are bringing in six figures on Udemy each year, whether or not you believe people would be prepared to pay for the instruction. 

The Best Selling Courses on Udemy

  1. Microsoft Excel for Beginners – over 565,000 course sales 
  2. How to develop iPad application – over 200,000 course sales 
  3. Web Developer – over 175,000 course sales 
  4. CSS for Beginner – over 160,000 course sales  

The best Udemy courses are highly profitable, as you can see! Consider the several subjects that you are an expert in. How many of those subjects may be offered as unlimited courses on Udemy? 

We’ll look more closely at how you may rapidly develop a successful course that is in demand for your market in the following section. 

How to Create Udemy Course

How to Create Udemy Course?

How to make money on Udemy selling courses online by creating Udemy courses. You must carefully consider your course’s topic, the material types that students will have access to, and the manner in which modules will be delivered before you can start creating your Udemy course. 

For instance, if you were planning to develop a PHP programming course for Udemy, you could want to begin the course with a basic introduction to coding, then go on to straightforward hands-on activities to get your students warmed up and better grasp the coding process. 

You may supply several content forms, such as video tutorials that show precisely how to enter code into the “a.php” file, in order to make training easier. Additionally, you might include “PHP Cheat Sheets” which can be downloaded from the Udemy training site in PDF format. 

You may completely personalize your course using Udemy and use any number of various material kinds. 

You must first decide on a subject for your course.

Here are a few things to bear in mind if you find it difficult to generate ideas for the Udemy course. 

Pick a subject about which you are passionate

When selecting your subject, consider: What Do You Know? And What Do You Enjoy? 

Your course will reflect your own experiences and knowledge for a higher-quality program if you teach what you are most enthusiastic about. 

Establish your goals and find your target audience

Knowing your audience and what interests them most can help you develop a high-quality course. Therefore, consider: Who will take your course, and what do they want to learn? 

Additionally, each level in your course—such as “Beginners,” “Intermediate,” or “Advanced”—should receive special attention. Prior to developing your course, it’s crucial to carefully select your audience.  

By doing this, you’ll be able to not only reach the proper people but also make sure that your course provides the knowledge that your potential student needs. 

Brainstorm ideas and include to Udemy course

You may teach almost anything you want on Udemy’s marketplace for education, but it’s crucial to have everything in order before publishing your course. 

Brainstorm ideas to create mind maps with a central concept, a root subject, and branches that cover the many chapters or sections of your course. A mind map offers a visual picture that will lead you through the process. 

Choose delivery method and content type

You should provide course content in a number of formats, such as videos, PDF files, and “takeaway” materials, in order to make the finest course possible. Your course will be more beneficial to your students if it has more dynamic material. 

You may offer the following content formats in your course. 

Screen Capture

The most popular sort of content type on Udemy is a screen capture. Although there are several techniques to record a screen, the fundamental need is that you share your screen with your pupils as an instructor. This makes it simpler to give instructions on how to carry out particular jobs. 

To produce dynamic screen grabs, use Microsoft Expression, Camtasia Studio, Screen flow, or Cam Studio. 

Audio and Video

Due to the chance, it supports students to follow along by watching while the teacher shows important concepts in the course instruction, video-based training is a widely popular content category on Udemy. 

PPT and Mashup

Udemy makes it simple to give your students both text- and video-based learning resources by converting a video clip into a PDF transcript. 

Documents and Downloads

Worksheets, mind maps, charts, reports, eBooks, lesson plans, cheat sheets, checklists, and more are just a few of the document kinds you may offer. 

It’s crucial to give your pupils “takeaway” materials so they can afterward reflect on your course topic. Make transcripts, provide “summary sheets” in PDF format, zip files with supplementary lectures, or any auxiliary materials for your course like manuals. 

Live Session Training

Live session training, where you may arrange sessions with all of your students, is one of the most effective ways to deliver your knowledge. Live sessions will have a significant influence on your course’s total value. 

Just keep in mind that your audience will pay closer attention if you engage them more. Give your kids easy “homework” to keep them engaged since people like to learn via doing.  

Optimize Your Udemy Course How to Make Money on Udemy Selling Courses Online 2022

Optimize Your Udemy Course

How to make money on Udemy selling courses online? You need students! Here are some tips on how to get traffic to the Udemy course. 

Catchy Title

Everything started with the course title. It should be concise, detailed, and memorable. Make sure participants are clear on the topic of your course and what they may expect to gain from it. 

If you are creating a course that teaches the fundamentals of PHP, for instance, your course title may be Learning PHP for Beginners 

Additionally, you want your course to offer comprehensive information about the material covered (and what is not). Include all of the following details in your description: who your target audience is, their level of education, and what they would predict learning from your course. 

Also, Consider: 

What distinguishes your course from others offered on Udemy? 

What makes your course superior to others? 

It’s crucial to choose a catchy title for your course since it will draw in students who are looking through lesson plans and other options. 

Avoid overusing exclamation points; only use them when absolutely needed. Instead, concentrate on using motivational, action-oriented terms in your course title. Like: Powerful, Master, Easy and etc. 

In addition, your course needs a summary. Keep it brief and to the point, highlighting crucial details that are only available during your training. 

Next, pick a professional and appealing photo to take part in for your course. You might use your logo for branding purposes or pay a graphic designer to create a unique picture (product box, course materials, etc.). 

The following step is to choose keywords. It’s crucial to incorporate keywords into your course description, summary, and headline since these will aid in directing potential students to your course. 

Avoid overusing keywords! It’s crucial to use keywords sparingly in your course description and course sales page and to simply optimize your course page for search engines so that prospective students may discover you. 

Making the proper category choice for your course is a crucial step. Classify your course suitably to ensure that it is found by students looking up relevant topics on the Udemy website. 

And lastly, decide on a price! You should take some time to examine comparable courses in your area to show the typical price point before deciding on the best pricing structure for your course. 

Although you want to price your course fairly and in line with industry norms, it should also consider the actual course materials that will be covered as well as its overall breadth and quality. Don’t overcharge for your course! 

How to Promote your Udemy Course

How to Promote your Udemy Course?

How to make money on Udemy selling courses online? Start marketing it. Here are the tips on how to promote your Udemy course. 

Social Media

You may still advertise your Udemy course to your social networks, such as your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, G+ contacts, Pinterest fans, and LinkedIn contacts, even if you don’t have a sizable following.  

Be truthful about your offer and include a unique discount code valid for a certain period of time. 

Create a Facebook page and a Pinterest page for your course to quickly increase the search engine results! The better, the more social cues there are! 


If you take part in online forums, include a link to your Udemy course in your forum signature or start a new discussion to discuss it.  

For the purpose of announcing the start of your new course, think about investing in forum advertising like a banner or ad box. Give forum users a unique coupon code, or make exclusive course materials and downloads, available to them! 

Authority Blogs

Find authority blogs and busy websites in your industry, then add a link to your course there in the comments. 

Video Channels

Find proper videos on platforms like, and either make a video answer or leave a comment here linking to your Udemy course! 

Paid Advertising

You may build up a PPC marketing campaign with Google AdWords or Facebook, buy solo advertisements in pertinent mailings, banner ads, forum ads, or all of the above!