Oat Milk vs Cow Milk | Pros and Cons 2022

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Here is an important question that most of you ask. What is  Oat Milk vs Cow milk benefits? What is main of both milks to our body? In this topic I will try to explain all details about both milk and show some examples to make everything clear for you. Let’s take a look and cover all the main points of oat milk vs cow milk in your mind.

Oat Milk Benefits

Let’s look into the deep and see oat milk benefits. The Oat milk is a plant milk. The milk of the oat derive from oat grains. The oat milk developed in Sweden in 1990. In 2017-2019 sales of Oat milk dramatically increase in United States. 

Top 3 Oat Milk Benefits

B Vitamins

Oat Milk contains a huge amount of B2 and B12 vitamins. B2 Vitamin is a water soluble vitamin. People have to consume B2 vitamin every day. The reason is, it has an important role to maintain energy supply for body.

B12 vitamin has the several role in a human body. It supports nerve cells, red blood formation and so on.

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Top 5 B12 Vitamins Benefits:

  1. Prevent Birth Defects
  2. Support Bone Health
  3. Improve Depression
  4. Prevent loss of Neurons
  5. Energy Boost

Improve Cholesterol

Main source of cholesterol comes from liver other parts comes from foods. Normally, human body build cells itself and vitamins too. However, too much cholesterol can prevent a body system to work properly. So Cholesterol is important substance that we have to pay attention.

Oat Milk contains a lof of beta glucans. The beta glucans prevent cholesterol to goes up. The study shows that 750 ml of Oat Milk can prevent cholesterol %3 over 35 days. In addition, 240 ml of oat milk contains 1,3 grams of beta glucans.

Bone Health

Human body structure based on bones. So healthy bones is one of the important mark that we have to pay attention. As we know from general knowledge, bones create during a time and loss later in a life. The lifestyle habits help to build strong bone in human body.

Oat Milk rich in calcium and D vitamin which helps to build strong bones. The Calcium plays an important role in human body. 

%99 of calcium in human body consist of bones and teeth. The calcium helps for development, growth of bones. In young ages, the calcium help teenagers to grow their bones. Then, the calcium helps to maintain bone in a body.

D Vitamin or sunshine vitamin produce by a skin to respond sunlight. The Vitamin D has several benefits on your body. The vitamin helps to reduce depression weight loss

  • Reduce Depression

Researchers show that a Vitamin D has an impact on mood of human body. Those who have deficit of Vitamin D experiencing depression and anxiety.

  • Weight Loss

D vitamin is a key supplements for weight loss or prevents heart diseases. The study show that people who consume more Vitamin D Supplement able to lose more weight than other who are not.

Oat Milk Calories

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Oat Milk Calories as below. Pay attention data took from original oat milk. 8 oz oat milk includes

  • 120 calories
  • 5 g fat
  • 100 mg sodium
  • 16 g carbs
  • 2 g fiber
  • 7 g sugar
  • 2 g protein

Top 4 Cons of Oat Milk

Besides its positive benefits, there are a few cons of oat milk that you should aware of. It contains a lot of sugar, which aren’t ideal to eat on a regular basis.

Here is the cons of oat milk:

  • Contain  High Sugar Rate: Manufactured oat milk contains a lot of sugar. That’s why it’s best to buy unsweetened option to keep the quantity of sugar in your diet under control.
  • Low in Nutrient-Dense: The oat milk which is made at home are not fortified. Also, it’s less of many nutrients.
  • Many Carbohydrates and Calories: Oat Milk includes 130 calories and 25 grams of carbs. Those who prefer low calories diet, pay attention for this beverage.

  • No Substitute: Oat milk is not good nutritional substitute for a babies and you should not give it to babies. It is a milk which only require for grown baby. The reason is oat milk nutrition help to growth and development.

Cow Milk Benefits

Cow milk benefits is huge. So let’s cover all main points one by one. Cow milk is an important beverage that consumed around the World. Also, it has many healthy benefits to human body.

Let’s go by to our childhood where our mother insisting us to drink cow milk.

Actually, it is right decision. As a child we love it. It tastes good, color is good. So it is  perfect healthy meal for us. The most important thing is, it can be consumed in any ages.

Develop Bones and Muscles

Cow milk is a source of calcium which help a human body to develope and maintain bones and muscles. A cup of cow milk each day will help you to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Beside of calcium, cow milk has vitamin D, Magnesium and Phosphorus. Also, an important nutrients which help body to develope.

Maintain Brain Health

The milk filled with Vitamin B12. It is a powerful vitamin which help a brain to develop memory. Also, it helps nerve of the brain to calm down and sleep properly in night. As result, cow milk plays a huge role in development of human brain.

Weight Loss Meal

The Milk contains a lot of healthy fat which helps you to fill lose weight in long-term and prevent hunger. Also, it is a source of improvement the metabolism of human body. 

Cow milk contains a lot of nutrients such as fats, calcium, potassium and phosphorus which helps to maintain blood pressure. 

Cow milk fat percentage based on breed of a cow. So here is the average of cow milk fat percentage and protein based on different breeds.

Breed % Fat
  • Ayrshire: 3,86
  • Brown Swiss: 4,04
  • Guernsey: 4,51
  • Holstein: 3,65
  • Jersey: 4,60
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Breed % Protein
  • Ayrshire: 3,18
  • Brown Swiss: 3,38
  • Guernsey: 3,37
  • Holstein: 3,06
  • Jersey: 3,59
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Based on milk type the highest fat milk is sheep milk. Per 8 ounce sheep milk has:

  • 11,3 grams saturated fat
  • 4,2 grams unsaturated fat
  • Total 17,2 grams of fat

Let’s compair oat milk vs cow milk with 240 ml

Oat Milk

  • Calories: 130

  • Protein: 4,01 g

  • Total Fat: 2,5 g

  • Sugars: 19,01 g

  • Calcium: 350 mg

  • Vitamin D: 101 IU


Cow Milk (whole)

  • Calories: 259

  • Protein: 9 g

  • Total Fat: 10,99 g

  • Sugars: 31,01 g

  • Calcium: 300 mg

  • Vitamin D: 0 IU

Top 4 Side Effects of Cows Milk

What is the side effects of cows milk? Let’s see what is main problem will be of consuming a lot the milk.

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Baby System Problem

The cow milk consists high level of nutrients. Based on doctors recommendation, babies before age 1 – 2 must not consume cow milk. The reason is babies digesting system.

Babies on those ages digestive system does not develop enough to digest high level nutrients such as protein and fat. So cow milk must be consume after 1-2 ages.

Milk Allergies

Almost every children have allergies on several things. The allergy prevents children to live normal live and almost %2 of children struggle with protein allergy in cow milk. Those children can end up with serious issues such us hives, wheezing or other symptoms. Pay attention on that factor too.

Heart Diseases

Those children who have heart attack risks must avoid cow’s milk. The cow’s milk filled with high level of cholesterol and saturated fats. The nutrients can trigger heart attack and it will harm your child. You can use %1 milk after 2 ages.

Risk of Cancer

Consuming too much something can be harmful to your body. Same story about consuming to much cow milk. There is research that too much milk can cause cancers such as prostate, beast cancer and so on. So pay attention this information too. Ask doctors about consumption milk type products.

cow vs oat ice cream mentorsblog
Cow vs Oat Ice-Cream calories as below:
  • Oat Milk ice-cream 218 calories per 100 g 0,8 g protein
  • Dairy ice-cream approx 204 calories per 100 g 3,6 g protein