The Best Way to Generate Pinterest Traffic

The Best Way to Generate Pinterest Traffic

Have you ever wished for a way to increase your traffic? The answer is, without a doubt, YES! The Internet is an ever-changing cosmos, and social media is the powerful method to generate traffic, it’s critical to take advantage of it.

Pinterest is one the best social media that quickly rising it’s popularity. This enormous traffic generator could be the most significant tool you’ve ever come across. Based on many webmaster analysis, The Pinterest drive more traffic than other social media platforms.

If you do not open Pinterest Account, it is not too late. You can start “pinning” and drive Pinterest traffic whenever you feel ready for it.

Blueprint of Generating Pinterest traffic

  • Basic Knowledge About Pinterest
  • Pin Your Website
  • How to Use Pinterest
  • Pinterest Traffic
Basic Knowledge about Pinterest

Basic Knowledge about Pinterest

Pinterest is a brand-new way to browse the web. You can create free Pinterest Account and start to share your great ideas, best website, within links with your target audience.

Pinterest Account provides you a virtual “Pin Boards” where you can “Pin” anything that you think interesting or exciting. Pinterest has it everything, from house designs to favorite recipes to advice on how to hold a wonderful baby shower.

Not only you can pin thing that seem interesting to you, you can also browse other pins that seem exciting to you. Also you can follow Pinner(Followers), re-pin others pins.

Pin gives you an option to include link, picture and title with description. The link option helps you to redirect the from your pin to the place that you want. It can be your blog post, landing page, promotion page and etc. Through that link you generate free Pinterest traffic.

By making great that grab people attention, you can ensure consistent Pinterest traffic.

Let’s go in deep an see what Pinterest is?

Many pinners have hundreds of pines with different topics and interests. No matter what niche you are targeting, there will a board that support your topic.

Here’s the idea. You are not required to keep a Pinterest Account under your real name. In fact, creating boards under your brand is a good idea. As you start to pin your content, everyone in your target niche will see your information.

Make your pins to visible “Everyone” under your category of board. This setting will help to make visible all your content for everyone, even those who are not follow you.

Getting people to repin the content you’re pinning is the ultimate trick to making Pinterest useful for you. Simply, if you want to your pin be noticed by other, go to pin click “repin” option and to your own board.

It’s simple to repin a content. When your mouse hovers over a picture, a menu opens with options to repin, like, or comment on it. Click “repin” button and choose your board to save it.

Then more follower of that pin will see you content and you will get more pin engagement. As you noticed, it helps you to push or market more your content to get more traffic or engagement.

The best thing is that it needs a little effort to generate Pinterest traffic and it is more fun to use it. Also, it is a great social media tool to generate free traffic.

Pin Your Website The Best Way to Generate Pinterest Traffic

Pin Your Website

Do not wait for someone from Pinterest to invite you. Prepare your site and start to pin in Pinterest.

To begin, make certain that each article contains at least one excellent photograph. Choose high-quality photographs that will catch a reader’s eye and help them understand the topic of the post.

If you do not know where to fine high-quality images. I can suggest you use the links:,, Flikr, Pexel and Google Images. Simply double-check the copyright information on each image before use it.

If you do not find high-quality photographs, don’t be afraid to buy them. Having amazing photographs that people would pin is a profitable investment in a long-term.

This will result in increased visitors and, as well as increased income from your website.

Another significant advantage of including photographs is that they will be indexed in Google images. When you upload a photo, write a proper alt tags that describe what the image is with relevant keywords.

Google Image will include all your pins in search bar with a relevant keywords. This option will help you to generate even more visitors to your website.

When users search for a phrase on Google Images, a little picture will appear that directs them to your website. It’s true that the traffic you get through Google pictures isn’t necessarily high-quality conversion traffic, but it’s still traffic.

Another benefit of having a lot of photographs on your website is that others may occasionally steal them and use them on own websites, as long as they acknowledge the original source. This generates important that direct visitors to your website when they click on a link of the image.

“PIN” Button

It is a useful reminder for a readers to add pin to their pin board. There are a lot of people using Pinterest. This a a good visual reminder for all pinners in Pinterest to grab their attention.

Try to place button “PIN IT” close to your image to get most pins. They’ll be able to click it right away rather than being confused by anything else.

There a few ways to add “PIN” button to image. The simplest option for those who use WordPress, use Pinterest Plugin. Other option, if you are good at coding, you can write basic code.

By adding the “PIN” button for your image post you are increasing chance of generation Pinterest traffic.

How to Use Pinterest

How to Use Pinterest

Once you create free Pinterest Account, complete all personal details with your brand profile.

Pin Boards

First create boards based on topic to your pins. Consider the content that might be appropriate for your niche.

If your website about marketing or healthy life, you should create boards like Digital Marketing”, “Healthy Food” and etc.

Keep your Boards from becoming too restricted. Also, do not forget to create a few boards based on topics that you interested, to make your Pinterest account to look natural. The main idea is too look like a natural account, not an advertisement.

You should star to create a list 7-8 boards and then add more if you can. It is your choice, you goal should meet the target audience needs and wants. Any time you create a new pin, it will give you a choice to create a need board or to save into existing.

Pin More!

As you create boards based on topic to target audience, it is time to pin your images. It’s entirely up to you how many photographs do you want to pin each day, but to prevent appearing spammy or overloading followers, it’s usually better to limit yourself to 15-20 every day.

I suggest you to spend 3-5 minutes every day and pin on Pinterest. With apps it is much more easy. You can pin where ever you want, even meeting with friend, having dinner in a nice restaurant.

So, How do you decide your pins? Well, it should be a mix of several various types of photos.

First, you should decide the things that you find in the internet. Do not forget install the “Pin Button”.

Second, Repin the most exciting pins that you come across in Pinterest. Simply, go to “Everything” page and look at follower that follow. If you look special topics that you like and want to share, go to Pinterest search bar and write your topic.

Third, Remember to pin thing that are relate to your website content. Make sure that the quality of image is high on the boards that you create.

Increase Your Followers

Pinterest is a good platform to make many followers. There is no point to make a pin that no one will repin it. That is why you spend all your free time to create the most interesting pins from your blog to repin from other followers.

Push your all effort to increase the number of followers. It is important thing that you also have to focus on as well as your pins.

Make your Pins Look Interesting

If your pins will look catchy and interesting people will want to follow your and repin your pins. So, focus on your pins design and content to grab people attention.

Keep in mind as you gain more followers your pin will repin more and more. It is a cycle when your followers will repin your content to others follower, they will do the same with your pin. So, it will go each time as you pin interesting content.

Gain Followers

First, follow your target audience pinners. Do not afraid follow them, most of the time they will follow you too. You can follow in two option, first by following pinner account or following the pinner boards.

Anytime you follow someone or someone will follow you, you will receive notification about new comer. It will give you idea to follow back too.

Repin Pins

The second method to gian more follower is to repin pins. As you repin their content they will receive notification about it, so you will earn a chance that one of them will follow you or repin your content.

“Like” Pins

Push the like button for pins that you like and seems interesting to you. This will also send a notification to an owner of the pin.


One of the powerful tool to get more followers in any social platform is comments. Interact with a pinners by writing feedback or other thing. It is a good way to grab attention of the owner and increase followers.

Follow Button

Lastly, You add a “Pin” button to every image that you pin. Also do not forget to add “Follow Us” button, to make sure that the visitor will follow you if the content will look interesting.

Visitors will likely read your stuff and visitor your Pinterest Account to discover more boards you’ve put together. Many visitors even will follow you and start to repin your content.

What Popular Pins Look Like?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could figure out how to choose pins that go viral? Regrettably, there isn’t a precise solution to this question.

We can say for sure that most of the viral pins are the funniest. On the other hand, we can say that most of the popular pins are well designed tutorial.

You can see examples of viral pins from “Popular Pins” section on Pinterest. This will give you an idea how to create popular pins.

A few tips about images. Choose bright images when you share you content in Pinterest. White colors do not get attention.

Size of the pins is also important thing that you have to follow. Pay attention on size of pins, to get more understanding look at popular pins and you will get idea about size.

Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest Traffic

Now let’s talk about how to generate Pinterest traffic to your website. Here is the tips to get more sale and traffic from Pinterest.

Great Blog Post Image

You are not required to compose a 500-word essay for each blog post you publish. Compose 50-100 word of content with a stunning image.

You can add link to your post and then “Pin it” to see the result. With a 3-5 minutes of work you can generate a lot of visitors to your website.

The best aspect is that visitors who arrive to your site from Pinterest Account will be greeted with a range of connections to different pages on your site where they may explore it.

Banners and text links give a fantastic opportunity to promote other services. You can also earn money from Google Adsense on your website.

Another strategy to improve Pinterest traffic to your website is to provide “FREE” ebook, analysis to visitors or even join to your emailing list. This will give you an opportunity to generate email and make email marketing to generate more profit.

For more ideas you can click any pin that in your niche and see how the whole process is going on.

Affiliate Marketing

The extra way to earn money by using Pinterest is affiliate marketing. Do it very sparingly or you will look like a spammer.

For Affiliate Marketing I suggest to you use website like: Amazon, Clickbank, Ebay and etc.

Simply, when you put a link into pin the visitors will click the link and redirected to the site where he or she will make a purchase. For each purchase you will get a commission.

Just keep in mind that you should not overdo this procedure or you will get spammed.


Pinterest is undeniably popular social platform, offering limitless options to advertise your website 

Do not wait for invitation, get and join it! Share exciting images with pinners to generate Pinterest traffic and make money.