Top 7 Ways to Become a Successful Vloger

top 7 ways to become a vloger

How to Become a Vloger?

People are naturally interested in becoming vloger, and they like learning about other people’s lives. This is why reality television is so popular. What interests them, and how do they spend their days? What are their aspirations and goals?

It makes no difference if someone doesn’t know who you are. If you have a message to share, a vlog is an ideal medium for doing it. You could certainly start a traditional blog and publish pieces about your life experiences. However, like videos.

HubSpot recently performed a poll and revealed that 72 percent of respondents chose to watch the video over reading a blog post.

YouTube is a massive online video platform. Every day, one billion people watch one billion hours of video. Someone will always be looking for what you’re excellent at on YouTube. This is a wonderful chance for you.

With a vlog, you may establish a genuine relationship with your audience. It’s not the same as making a video. People love watching something, if you deliver high-quality video, you will get a chance to build popularity.

Many vloggers have had success with vlogging. These are regular folks who have significantly changed their life as a result of vlogging. They feature a variety of sponsorship opportunities as well as other income streams. You can become a billionaire vloger overnight.

In this brief study, we’ll show you how to become a successful vloger through seven different methods. It’s crucial to start your vlog in the right way.

Define Your Goal Top 7 Ways to Become a Successful Vloger

Define Your Goal

The vlogger has thought about what they want to accomplish with their vlog and created a strategy. You must do so as well. The first step is to determine the purpose of your vlog.

This is something that you can do easily. You can start any time that you want and create a goal in a short time. Do not spend all your time accomplishing it. Some people spend a week finding a goal for a vlog.

You need to create a vlog based on your passion. Keep in mind, you want to some money from vlog, so focus on it.

Top 7 ideas for a vloger

  1. Traveling
  2. Making Money
  3. Makeup
  4. Pet
  5. Sports
  6. Learning Skills
  7. How to get the girl or boy

The reason why the above topics are good for new vloger is that there is plenty of things to do and create videos. Another reason is simple to monetize. Is it wonderful? Go to the YouTube channel and see what the vlogger is filming about.

You should be more inspired. Do worry about the competition that you will have with those niches. The competition will improve your skills to learn and do the things that others will like. On the other hand, it shows that there is an audience that is waiting for you.

Your personality will be distinct from the other vloggers in your field. You might have more concern about a vlog that was not there, but you have interests and skills in that field.

Do your research

Do Your Research

So, you’ve decided on a topic for your vlog. Now it’s time to figure out how big the market for vloger or vloggers in your niche is. This is a crucial activity to do. To make research about vloger vs vloggers in your field is a good idea but it is not enough.

Step number one is keyword research. You have to decide what phrases people will search your videos in your niche, and the volume of the search. The free tool for keyword search is Google Keyword Planner.

To access Google Keyword Planner you need two things: Gmail Account and Google Adwords Account. Do not worry both of them are free to use.

Once you open Google Keyword Planner enter the keyword for your audience like “pets”. You will see thousands of searches on your niche each month on Google search.

Keyword Planner is a great tool for generating related keywords for your niche like:
  • Cute pets
  • Beautiful pets
  • Funny pets
  • Grooming pets

There were also several other keyword recommendations. It gives you ideas to create video content based on keywords. Thousands of people search for each of these keyword phrases each day. At the same logic, you will make search for YouTube.

There are two main points that you have to look for:
  1. Search Volume
  2. Related Keywords Phrases

The search volume demonstrates that there is a demand related to the terms. Many individuals, for example, are interested in learning about “eye makeup.” The associated keywords demonstrate the niche’s range. There are a plethora of themes on which you may make videos. This is an excellent topic for a vlog as a vloger.

What about your target audience? If you want to become a successful vloger, you have to target your audience. The first step is to know your audience.

What are they watching?

What are the ages and genders?

What type of videos do they enjoy watching?

What are their origins?

When you find all the answers to the questions above, you can start tuning videos for your vlog. It’s pointless to make any type of video based on guesswork. There’s a good chance you’re going to do it incorrectly.

The vloger aim is to answer all the questions that your target audience asks. Then a vloger will be successful. Simply, give your audience what they are searching for and want to know about it.

Use Right Tools

Use Right Tools

Nobody is expecting you to film a Hollywood video, but they are expecting the quality. You can even record your video on your smartphone if it is okay for you.

The cameras, microphones, and smartphones are great, but if you what to grow your vlog, you must take it seriously, by choosing better tools.

The quality and sharpness of your video will be expected by your audience. With today’s affordable cameras, producing HD video quality is simple. You do not need to spend a lot of money on a professional camera. To begin, a 720p HD camera is okay.

The GoPro Hero is a wonderful option if you plan on shooting a lot of outside footage. This is genuine quality at an affordable price.

Do not forget about audio. A video with poor audio quality is a bad idea. Some individuals record tutorial videos on their computers and then record them using the laptop’s integrated microphone.

If it has poor quality, I am not suggesting you do it.

What about computer software? You will need a video editing program for your videos. If you plan on providing tutorials for your target niche (which is usually a good idea), you should do it on your computer.

It’s doubtful that you’ll capture a great video the first time, so you’ll have to edit and improve your movies to make them appear truly professional.

You can use it for free Windows Movie Maker or IMovie (Mac Computer). Both of these video editing apps have everything you’ll need to produce very professional-looking videos. Other expensive video-editing packages are available, but you won’t need them to get started.

For the computer recording desktop, I suggest CamStudio.

The video quality is so important, don’t be worried about spending a little money on your vlog. It will unquestionably pay off in the long term.

Create YouTube Channel Top 7 Ways to Become a Successful Vloger

Create YouTube Channel

There is no great platform for your vlog than YouTube. Is the second most viewed platform in the world. YouTube gets billions of views every single day!

To create a YouTube Channel for your vlog you will need to decide on a name. Also, it will be your brand. Some people prefer their own names, others come up with creative and unique names. Double-check before opening the channel, it has to be unique.

After creating a Google Account, you can open a YouTube Channel. To design your YouTube Channel you need to be a good designer. However, here is a good idea for you.

You can create your own design for free on or go to to find a good designer for a few dollars and create good art for your YouTube Channel.

Once you complete all the settings on YouTube Channel and more than 30 days past and you have some videos uploaded and 100 subscribers. You can apply for a custom YouTube Channel URL. It is important for your marketing.

Create Videos Top 7 Ways to Become a Successful Vloger

Create Videos

This is critical. It’s not about the number, but rather the quality. People will expect you to publish new videos on a frequent basis if they appreciate your video. We’ll talk about it more later.

It is advisable to produce a video screenplay and storyboard unless you are comfortable sitting next to cameras and recording videos on the go. This will take some time and work, but it will be well worth it.

 Do not write everything on the video script, simply use points and “lead-ins” to describe each section of the video.

If you’re planning to make a tutorial, figure out how much footage you’ll need. Are you going to do anything live or will you need to capture your computer screen to illustrate how to perform something “over the shoulder”? Both are good, but you’ll need a strategy.

Create a storyboard when you’ve finished your video idea and script. Followed by all of the segments steps by step till the finish. It’s critical that your videos begin and conclude properly. A strong opening will entice viewers to stick around. A strong conclusion will entice people to watch more of your films.

Make sure you’re enthusiastic and passionate when you’re recording a video. You can expect your audience to be passionate you are not. People don’t desire monotonous delivery, therefore don’t do it. If you need to improve your talents in this area, go ahead and do so.

Make sure you trigger the target audience’s emotions. Tell them they’re going to have a great time by telling them they’re going to have a great time. Use all the tools or words to get their attention.

Encourage visitors to subscribe, like, and share your videos. Finish with a strong call to action. Tell them to do it at the beginning and the end of a video.  

Do not overdo it. First, provide a quality value then ask them to do it. Simply explain that you have a newsletter that has more valuable information that they can only obtain by becoming an email subscriber.

In your videos, always promote audience participation. Tell your viewers that you’d love to hear their thoughts on the video because your goal is to engage with your visitors. When you get comments, always answer as quickly as possible.

So, How often should a vloger upload video on the channel? This is entirely up to you, although we suggest that you post fresh films every two weeks. Do not leave too much time between videos, visitors will forget you.

Optimize Your Videos Top 7 Ways to Become a Successful Vloger

Optimize Your Videos

The properly Optimize YouTube video will appear on the first page of the result based on the target keyword. This is fantastic, is not it? I can say for sure but at least you want your videos to appear on YouTube searches.

I said before keyword research tool is important for your vlog. Do it for all your videos.

If you planning to make a video about “makeup” then go to Google Keyword Planner to see the result. Make at least 5-10 keywords for a single video.

The most important key for YouTube Video Optimization is a “Title”. Make an interesting headline that will encourage visitors to click on it.

For Example: “Remarkable Eye Makeup Tips for a Beautiful Women”

Make a list of a few potential titles that include the core term “eye makeup.” Then pick the best that appeals great. Do not make it simple like “Eye Makeup”. This is monotonous, and you need to add additional persuasion phrases to get the reader to click.

Then add a description for your video vlog.  The description help visitors to understand what the video is about and also helps to include keywords. Lastly, video tags.

Add around 5-8 video tags by including main keywords. There is about 400 character limit on tags. Be aware of it and do not be crazy to do it.

The thumbnail for your video is the last item to mention. It does no effect on YouTube optimization, but a catchy thumbnail gets more clicks. A YouTube vloger design unique thumbnails for each video to grab visitors’ attention.

Advertise Your Vlog

Do not expect traffic for your vlog videos on YouTube Search. Make every effort to inform folks that your new vloger. Tell everyone about your new video vlog.

Use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote your video channel vlog. Other social media platforms, such as and, can help you advertise your vlog. Make use of all of these resources.

Do not believe that traffic will come naturally. Yes, you will receive some traffic from YouTube searches. But, it will not be enough to grow your channel.

The goal is to increase the number of subscribers to the YouTube Channel. Instead of focusing on how much money you can make. When you have a large number of subscribers, money will automatically follow.


If you want to have a successful vloger, you must be completely dedicated to it. The importance of consistency cannot be underestimated. You must consistently produce high-quality videos and video posting and advertising your vlog.

It will take a time to reach a number of subscribers, just be patient. After getting too many subscribers you will earn money.